Slam Notes

Mike Schmidt held the Phillies single-season home run mark with 48 (1980) until Ryan Howard came along and bashed 58 (2006).

Schmidt held the Phillies record for career grand slams until Howard came along.  Ryan tied Michael Jack last night with his seventh. 

Needless to say Ryan is making his mark in the Phillies record book and doing it in short order.

Consider this:  Schmidt’s seventh career slam came in his 5,504th at-bat, his 1,593rd game.  Howard did it in 2,162 at-bats, his 595th game.  One word fits: WOW.

It marks the third time in Ryan’s short career he’s hit two slams in one single season (2005 and 2007).  Note he only does it in odd-numbered years.

So, who holds the Phillies record for most slams in one season?  I’m glad you asked.  The answer: 4 by Vince DiMaggio in 1945. 

Right behind with 3 slams are Chuck Klein (1929 and 1932), Gene Freese (1959) and Bobby Abreu (2005). 

With a pair in his back pocket in just 23 games this season, Ryan is primed to erase others from the record book.

Future Outfield?
20 games
18 runs
31 hits
6 doubles
2 triples
7 homers
22 RBI
.388 average

All in one week, the combined numbers of three Phillies minor league outfielders, John Mayberry (25-years-old), Michael Taylor (23) and Dominic Brown (21).   The week was last week.

All are impressive athletes and all are tall, Mayberry and Taylor each at 6-foot-6 inches; Brown an inch shorter.

Stay tuned.

He said that?
Radio voice Scott Franzke asked Larry Andersen last night, “Are you going up in the arch tomorrow?”  LA: “Yep, I’m going to parachute off it.  On my own.” 

Don’t stay tuned.




I’ll jump with him if he needs company… always wanted to try that :O)
So it looks like Ryan is going to re-write the record books very soon here. He had better make the All-Star team this year! What happened last year was a sin…he deserves to go! And it’s in his hometown…how great would that be? Well, I am voting like crazy!


No kidding, Vince DiMaggio? I thought he was widely regarded as the least accomplished of the three brothers, but four in one season is pretty darn good!
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