W is a W

Rubber game of weekend Mets-Phillies match is this afternoon, weather permitting.

Again, the Phillies came from behind on national TV yesterday afternoon, pulling out a not-so-pretty 5-4 win.  But, a W is a W no matter how you look at it.  Much better than an L.

Bullpen once again came through with 4.1 scoreless innings allowing the Phillies for another come-from-behind win.

Jamie and Shane (game-winner) picked up RBIs on bases-loaded walks.  Phillies have 11 of those this year, the major league leader.

Both team’s pitchers struggled.  Check these numbers:

Pitches thrown: Mets 182, Phillies 181.
Pitches called balls: Mets 82, Phillies 81.
Walks issued: Mets 9, Phillies 9.

Jayson Stark, baseball’s best at unearthing interesting and odd notes, had a couple of Phillies notes in his ESPN.com April review:

**The Phillies’ first eight wins of the season all were come-from-behind specials. Elias reports they are the first National League team in history to start a season with eight come-from-behind wins.

**Cole Hamels is the first starting pitcher to win a World Series MVP award and then not win a game the following April since Johnny Podres in 1955-56. But Podres had a better excuse. He didn’t pitch the following April (because he was signed as a free agent by the Navy).

Jayson, by the way, authored a great book that just came on the market, “Worth the Wait: Tales of the 2008 Phillies.”  Highly recommended for passionate Phillies fans. 

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You know things are going right when Jack Taschner gets the win.

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