Wall of Fame Feedback

Friday the 13th.  Don’t believe in that stuff.  Personally, Friday the 6th was worse.

Been getting e-mails about the Wall of Fame ballot.  Love fan feedback. Why were Mickey Morandini and Andy Seminick excluded from the ballot?

As explained yesterday, candidates for the ballot are reviewed every January.  Mickey and Andy are among the numerous Alumni considered.  But, we want to keep the ballot to 15 and have to draw the line somewhere.

Also have gotten some feedback about coming up with a “Veterans Committee” for deceased Alumni.  Your thoughts?

Camp Notes
Trip to Kissimmee tomorrow for a game with the Astros who are really scuffling.  Buses depart at 8 a.m. Game will be broadcast on WPHT 1210 AM and webcast here . . . Pooch 100.3 The Beat, another Philly radio station, will be here tomorrow . . . MLB.com blog ratings for last week: MLB beat writers, The Zo Zone is 4th; MLB pro bloggers, Phillies Insider is 14th; Ballgirls, 26th; Fan blogs, Phillies Phollowers, 14th, Phillies Red Pinstripes, 26th .

Cardinals come to Bright House.  We return the favor next Friday, going to the east coast for two games in two days, including Jupiter . . . Myphl17 will televise the game.  Harry Kalas is expected in the booth.


Awww!! We are both #14 :O) How appropriate…hee! Todd is doing a GREAT job on his blog too! But as always, you are the man Larry!


you definitely need a veterans committee for alumni…i’m 57…fred luderus and roy thomas are unknown to me…the voting public will only choose players they have seen or were on teams they remember(’50,’64,’80,’83(?),’93,and ’08)besides chuck klein,i know few phillies prior to ’50. …most of your voters are probably younger than me too….the committee should narrow down the ballot…15?way too many choices.

I agree about the Veteran’s committee and I am only 37. As I did last year, this year again I am shamelessly endorsing Jim Konstanty to win the how in 2009. He is the only NL relief pitcher EVER to win the MVP award and without him the Phillies would not have made it to world series in 1950.

Vote for Jim Konstanty!!!


Thanks for the shut out on my blog. Better late than never to make a response.

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