Day 7

Large crowd of fans turned out on a sunny but chilly day.  Batting practice for the hitters came off pitchers today, after three days of facing coaches.  First broken bat: outfielder Jeremy Slayden by Clay Condrey.

After the workout, Chase spent time on the half-field taking grounders, along with Jason Donald. Pedro Feliz spent his second straight day of fielding drills during the morning fundamentals portion.

Team photo in tuxedos took place at 2 o’clock in left field at Bright House Field.  Today’s photo shoot, centered around the World Series Trophy, will be the cover of Phillies Magazine, April edition.  Cool idea by Bonnie Clark and her PR Staff.  The Magazine is sure to be a collector’s item. 

Prior to tomorrow and Sunday workouts, all players will undergo eye examinations, a routine part of spring training.

Players will be on the fields around 10 a.m. with live (pitchers) and semi-live (coaches) BP starting around 11:15 a.m.  The World Series Trophy will be on display at 10 a.m. for an hour and a-half.

Camp Notes
Toronto Sun, Buck Martinerz (XM Radio) and Peter Gammons ( were in camp today . . . Four more days and the games begin . . . Third blog on this site resumed today, the Ballgirls.  Be sure to check it out.


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