Day 5

Sunny, warm (74 degrees) day.  Cold front is coming tomorrow and temps will be in the low 60s on Friday.  Phan Fest is that night at Bright House Field and it always seems to be less than normal Clearwater weather.  If you are going to be here, bring a blanket. 

Workout schedule today and tomorrow pretty much the same.  Players on the field at 10 a.m., batting practice on Schmidt, Carlton and Roberts fields at 11:15 a.m., workout ends on the fields around 12 noon.  Coaches get the honor of warming up their arms for the BP sessions.  On Friday, pitchers will throw BP for the first time.  This is referred to as “live BP”. 

A few pitchers scheduled for their side work tomorrow will do throw at 8:30 a.m. on the half-field mounds at Bright House Field, rather than Carpenter Field.  Tomorrow, Majestic Sporting Goods will arrive at 6:30 to measure the players for uniforms for 2009.

During infield practice on the Schmidt Field, J-Roll fielded a ball bare-handed and threw to Ryan at first.  The crowd let out a cheer.  J-Roll took off his cap and bowed.  Schmidt followed and also bare-handed a grounder.  More cheers.  Next, Ryan got a grounder and threw to Dobbs at third.  More cheers.

First time I’ve head cheers during fielding practice.

Camp Notes
Charlie Manuel missed today’s workout.  Flew to Denver for memorial services for Ted Uhlander, a former teammate . . . Players on the World Series roster were fitted for tuxedos this a.m.  PR staff is taking a team photo Friday of the World Series players and the Trophy:  an exclusive cover photo for Phillies Magazine in April.  Should be pretty cool . . . Mike Schmidt met with the media before today’s workout.  As expected A-Rod questions came up.  Todd Zolecki will cover Schmidt’s remarks on this site . . . Phillies TV will finish taping poses with players in full uniform tomorrrow.  The final products will be used on Phillies telecasts and PhanaVision . . . Ruben Amaro Jr. held the first of his weekly conference calls with the pro scouting staff this morning.  Phillies have scouts covering every spring training camp in Florida and Arizona.  Wish list remains: lefty in the bullpen, righty hitter on the bench . . . New advance scout Craig (Dewey) Colbert arrived in Clearwater.  He’ll spend time here observing the Phillies. Late next month, he’ll head for the camps of the Braves, Rockies and Nationals, the first three teams the Phillies face in April.

Individual game tickets at Citizens Bank Park go on sale tomorrow.


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Hello! Do you happen to know who the six players are that will be at Fan Fest tomorrow? I am trying to plan what to bring :O) Thanks!


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