Day 4

Carpenter Field was buzzing today.  A large turnout of fans was on hand for the first full camp workout.  Applause and cheers were part of the atmosphere as Jimmy, Ryan, Shane, Jayson and others took batting practice.

Miguel Cairo, signed to a minor league contract over the weekend, became the 64th player in the camp.  From 64, we will need to get down to 25 for the April 5 season opener.

Using all four fields at Carpenter Field, the workout lasted from 10:15 a.m. until shortly after 12 noon.  Schedule included the usual fitness exercises at the beginning; long toss; catchers, pitchers, infielders and outfielders split into groups for defensive drills; groups 1 and 2 of the pitchers threw off the mound; coaches threw batting practice on three fields and conditioning drills ended the day.

Tomorrow’s schedule is much the same.

Back in 1964, my first year, we practiced at Jack Russell Stadium.  One field which meant the workouts went from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.  There was a lot of standing around for the players.  Two hours at Carpenter Field doesn’t seem very long but the facility can handle multiple intense workouts.

Hard to Believe
The first spring training was held at Bright House Field five years ago.

A total of 54 players were in that camp.  Only six are still around: Ryan Madson, Brett Myers, Ryan Howard (#65), Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels (#79 as a non-roster pitcher).

Hard to Believe II
Front page of the St. Petersburg Times sports section had a large color photo of Pat Burrell.  Strange seeing him in a uniform that isn’t red. 

Admitted he has an adjustment to made because he’s with a new team in new surroundings and has a new role as the DH.

Comment Corner
Appreciated the comments yesterday.  Will try to provide a brief schedule of the workouts each day.

Will also provide information on “B” games and any workouts at Bright House Field involving the USA team that will compete in the World Baseball Classic next month. 

The USA team will train at Bight House Field on March 2 and 3.  That’s exciting.

Camp Notes
Philly’s Channel 3 is the latest media addition to camp . . . HBO Real Sports is featuring Charlie Manuel.  They taped a session earlier this month at Charlie’s hometown of Buena Vista, VA, and will spend a few days here . . . Frank Coppenbarger, who wears hats as the clubhouse manager and traveling secretary, alerted players in the a.m. meeting: “We’re going to be playing the Blue Jays in Toronto this year.  You will need a US passport for that trip.  If you don’t have one, better get one.”  Broadcaster Larry Andersen was in the back of the clubhouse at the time and whispered, “Do we need passports when we play the Blue Jays in Dunedin?”


I’m up in the northeast with no prospects of making it to Clearwater this spring. So, these little updates are great – I can follow what’s going on and get ramped up for opening day along with the team! Thanks so much!!!
~Michelle. Rochester, NY.

good stuff,larry…would it be possible to send the days schedule and fields used out every day…this’ll help when we get to clearwater..anks.

Great reports, Larry. We don’t get much on the Phils spring training in Brantford, ON, CAN. (60 mi. from Toronto). There’s a large following here, due in part to our friend Chad Durbin. Keep up the good work.
Cheers, Terry Clark.

Thank you!! I look forward to the updates :O) And tell LA he can borrow my passport…although, he may need to buy a wig :O)


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