Day 3

Activity is picking up.  The clubhouse is approaching a full capacity of players as infielders and outfielders underwent their physical exams today.

Tomorrow, the first full camp workout of 63 players will take place.   Normally, the players exit the clubhouse at 10 a.m.  It will be later tomorrow morning as Charlie will conduct a meeting and give his annual speech.  The meeting will include introductions of front office staff and comments from several department heads.

Today’s schedule
8:30 a.m.-Coaches room, meeting, catchers
10 -Schmidt Field, exercise, groups 1 and 2 pitchers, catchers and position players
      BHF (Bright House Field) cages, bunting, groups 3 and 4 pitchers
      Schmidt Field, holding runners on base, groups 3 and 4
10:20-Schmidt Field, long toss, groups 1 and 2
         Roberts Field, catchers, long toss
         BHF Field, batting practice, position players
10:40- Schmidt Field, exercise, groups 3 and 4
10:45 –  mounds (Carpenter Field), throwing, group 2
           Roberts Field, fielding, group 1
11:00-Groups switch
         Ashburn Field, long toss, groups 3 and 4
11:15- Break
11:20- All 4 fields, fielding practice, all pitchers
11:40- Pitchers, change to running shoes
11:50-Schmidt Field, conditioning, all pitchers
         BHF weight room, conditioning, all pitchers
         Ashburn and Schmidt Fields, batting practice, catchers
12:20-Ashburn Field, fundamentals, catchers
12:45-Ashburn Field, conditioning, catchers
         BHF weight room, conditioning, catchers 
Tomorrow 9:15 a.m., everyone in uniform

Camp Notes
The Sporting News and Channel 29 out of Philly joined the media bunch . . . Daily video reports from Scott Palmer will appear on this site . . . Remember to check out The Zo Zone blog . . . Fans are welcome to watch the workouts at Carpenter Field and Bright House Field.



Later in Feb. and March, please post notice of any “B” games, and also the schedule for the WBC squad, when it practices in Clearwater (assuming the practices will be open).

Thanks for the schedule! If you could do this each day, that would be AWESOME! Last year, I was a bit clueless as to what was going on and where…this is a BIG help! Thanks!!


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