Day 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Phillies and a large crowd of fans wore red.  Well, it wasn’t because of the holiday.  The Phillies wear red jerseys and gray pants for their daily workouts that normally begin at 10 in the morning. 

The crowd was the largest I’ve seen for the first day for pitchers and catchers.  Most were dressed in red, jerseys or caps, or both.

World Series championship logos are mounted on the outfield fences of the four fields at Carpenter Field.  Nice touch.

Pitchers are divided into four groups.  Groups 1 and 3 threw off the mounds today.  Nothing like the popping sound of a baseball being caught.  Baseball 2009 is officially underway.

Rich Dubee addressed the group of pitchers (30) and catchers (7) at 9:30.  The daily schedule is posted on a bulletin board in the Bright House Field clubhouse.  Players are expected to check that every morning.  “The schedule is organized, compact and intense.  You need to know what is going on each day,” said Dubee.  “Remember, nobody will be making the club today.”

While the pitchers and catchers were working at Carpenter Field, a bunch of position players took BP at Bright House Field.  Ryan Howard was among that group.

Media Crowd
From the Philadelphia area:
Inquirer, Daily News, Wilmington News-Journal, Delaware County Times, Allentown Call and the Associated Press, KYW Radio, Channel 6, Comcast SportsNet.

The TV Crews and still photographers were set up on the north side of Bright House Field waiting for the players to exit the clubhouse.  The first uniformed person to appear?  Bullpen catcher Tim Gradoville.

From the Tampa area:
St. Pete Times

Nationally:,,, MLB Productions.  Sports Illustrated was in camp yesterday for a photo shoot with Cole Hamels.  He’s going to be a cover story.  SI is also doing a Charlie Manuel story.




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