Trophy Update

Last night, the World Series Trophy made a stop at the Concord Mall in Wilmington (DE) through radio stations WDEL and WSTW.  Debi Mosel, a kindergarten teacher in Wilmington was there and filed the following report for Phillies Insider:

“Concord Mall was full of people! There were big people, little people. Very young people, old people, and ages in between. Some were in strollers, some were in wheelchairs. Some were sitting, many were standing. But they were all there for the same reason: to see the Trophy.

“Fans were invited to come see the Trophy and possibly even get their picture taken with it between 6 and 7:30 p.m.  Phillie Phanatic was also in attendance.

“I arrived at 5:15 to get something to eat before checking out the crowd. Everywhere you looked there were people in red and white shirts, and not because of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. After my evening meal, I headed down the mall to where the Trophy was supposed to be set up. By 5:40, hundreds of people were already lined up, with tickets, to get their picture taken with the Trophy.

“Someone I knew said she had been in line since 2:45. Her ticket number was 22. Last week she had gone through the same thing at another nearby mall. She’s obviously a huge fan.

“The Trophy arrived at the display area just before 6, escorted by Phillies personnel, mall security and even a Delaware State policeman. Once the Trophy was spotted, the crowd cheered. Those people who weren’t in line stood behind the barrier and on top of benches to get a glimpse of the beautiful, shiny symbol that proclaims the Phillies as the best baseball team in 2008.

“One Phillies employee told me that they had to close the line at 6:10.  I learned that happens at every Trophy appearance. Everyone already in line was guaranteed a chance to get their picture taken with the Trophy, even if the line lasted longer than 7:30.

“Some fans were disappointed because were no more tickets.  They were told there would be more dates in the coming weeks and that they could stand near the display and take photos of the Trophy.  That satisfied most everyone.

“Phillie Phanatic also helped keep the fans happy as he traveled all over the mall.  The crowd was estimated to be over a thousand people strong—and they were all wearing smiles.

“I ran into several young Phillies fans from my class. When asked what they thought of the trophy, Daniel, Nicholas and Gregory all replied, “It was COOL!”  Aidan, a five-year-old son of a friend, answered my question with a very enthusiastic nod of approval.

“Thank you, Phillies, for sharing your Trophy with your fans. You have made your fans proud!”

Heading South 
The Trophy will make its debut in Clearwater a week from tonight at Bright House Field as part of the 10th annual Phan Fest.

More details will be posted soon regarding that event that begins at 5:30 p.m.

New Blog 
Todd Zolecki is the new beat writer on this site, having coming to from the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He’s one of the best bloggers in the business, The Zo Zone.  

His addition is a real pus for Phillies fans.


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I am working on a blog right now about the crowd last night…stopped by the mall and saw the craziness! WOW. SO many people! I took a few pics of the crowd…trying to get them off my camera now…


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