Meeting Day

Ruben Amaro Jr. oversaw a day-long meeting at Bright House Field today with his staff, Charlie Manuel and his staff and the minor league instructors in the big league spring training camp.

The meeting was held in a large suite at the five-year-old park.  50 persons were sitting around a very long table.

The meeting is annually held before the pitchers and catchers report.  They report tomorrow for physicals and then hit the field on Saturday.

Head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan reviewed those players with medical issues.  Most closely monitored will be Chase Utley and Pedro Felix, each of whom had surgeries since the end of the World Series.  Chase yesterday began to take ground balls and jogged.  Precaution is the priority for both infielders.

Each of the 63 players in camp was evaluated with opinions offered by numerous staffers.  “We want opinions from you,” stated Ruben at the beginning.  “We need to know how you feel about certain players, their plusses and minuses.”

Tomorrow, many of today’s staff meeting will play golf, a long-time tradition in Clearwater arranged by Bill Giles. 

Tomorrow is also the day Ryan Howard will be available to the media.  When he signed his three-year-contract over the weekend, he was unable to meet with the media in Philadelphia.  So, Greg Casterioto, Director, Baseball Communications, arranged for a media conference in the Media Room.  Ryan will work out on his own first and then face the press. Todd Zolecki will cover that news on this site.


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