The Itch

Generally at this time of the year, the flu bug and common colds infect many people.

There’s another epidemic this year, the itch.  Chase said the word last month, so did Shane and Charlie. 

What is the itch?

Simple answer: can’t wait for spring training to start.

A handful of players are here at Bright House Field working out on their own.  Kyle Kendrick was throwing off the mound at 9:30 this morning to new bullpen catcher Tim Gradoville. 

Friday, pitchers and catchers report for physicals.  Saturday morning, they take to the fields at Carpenter Field for the first time.  Next Tuesday, infielders and outfielders join the daily drills.

Fans in the Phillies universe are also hit by the itch bug.  They can’t wait.

Season ticket sales back north are up.  Ticket sales for spring training games at Bright House Field are up over 20,000 from this time a year ago.

The itch is an annual phenomenon.  Winning the World Series has made everyone itchier.


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You are SO not kidding. I am ready to crawl out of my skin, I am so anxious to get started! Leaving for Clearwater in 9 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes and 23 seconds…


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