Chan Ho Chat

Chan Ho Park was in Philly yesterday to take a physical and sign a contract.

He’s on a world-wind tour, so to speak: Korea to Los Angeles to Philadelphia to LA to Korea and in another week, Japan.  Japan? “I work out there with a Korean team until spring training starts,” he explained.

Chan Ho chatted before heading to the Philly airport:

Your 2008 season: “Started, pitched short relief, long relief, closer and pinch runner. No pinch-hit.”

Philly debut: “I was rained out at Veterans Stadium during my first full year in the majors.  There were a lot of Korean fans and media there.  Not to disappoint them, I met with them after the game was called.”

Why Phillies: “A chance to be a starting pitcher and a chance to get into the postseason again.”

Impression of Philly? “Cheese steaks, kielbasas, Rocky and great history. Much different from LA.”

Tommy Lasorda: “My American father.  When we came here to play the Phillies, he took me to his hometown and restaurants.  Got me my first cheese steak.”

Why #61: “As an amateur in Korea I always wore 16.  When I joined the Dodgers that number belonged to pitching coach Ron Perranoski.  They offered me several choices and I picked 61.  It is the number one uniform jersey sold in Korea.”

Will the Phillies jerseys now take over? “Yes, I believe so; I hope so.  Red is the favorite color of Korean people.  That’s why they like the Red Sox, Phillies and Reds.”

Spring Training
Chan Ho mentioned getting ready for spring training by training in Japan.  Well, spring training is just right around the corner (40 days).  Individual game tickets will go on sale tomorrow monring at 9 o’clock. 



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Spring Training Question: Anyone know if/when the Phillies are having a Phan Fest in Clearwater this Spring? I’m taking my family down February 20th through the 23rd and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be when we’re there. Thanks!


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