Pat the DH
Baseball can be a strange business.  Pat Burrell walked off the Citizens Bank Park field (Bruntlett pinch-ran) in Game 5 following a double that led to the winning run and the World Series Championship.  Little did anyone know at the time it was his last appearance in a Phillies uniform.

The Rays, a team he helped beat, have signed him to a two-year contract.  He’ll be their designated hitter, an ideal role.  Jason Stark of pointed out Pat was lifted as a defensive replacement in 100 of the 154 games he started in 2008.  I’m continually amazed at the stats that can be uncovered.

Baseball can be a strange business.  Last August, we made arrangements with the Rays to be the opponents for the annual On-Deck Series that is held at Citizens Bank Park just before the start of the season.

Little did anyone know at the time that the Phillies and Rays would wind up in the World Series.  So, the April 1-2 games take on a different light. 

Now, it will be Pat’s first Philadelphia appearance in an enemy uniform. 

Romero Situation
News that came out this morning was the suspension of J.C. by MLB.  Here’s our position on the situation:

“As part of the Basic Agreement, the club cannot comment on the specifics or the facts of this matter.  However, we can say that we care about JC and appreciate his contribution to our team.  We also staunchly support Major League Baseball’s drug policy and commend the efforts associated with the program.”

Ruben did a conference call with the media but other than this statement, he was unable to comment further regarding specifics of J. C.’s situation. 

Do we now begin the season with one lefty (Scott Eyre) in the pen?  Do we try to find another one?  Is there someone from within?  Ruben did talk about these questions a story written by Alden Gonzalez .

What was that?
Folks on an early morning Southwest flight to Las Vegas today noticed something occupying a seat, something that wasn’t human or of animal nature.

The thing was covered by a protective cloth.  Could it be an antique lamp?  Could it be a bird cage?  Could it be the World Series Trophy?

The first two guesses don’t count.  Yep, the WS Trophy was on its way to Vegas for a major meeting involving one of our major sponsors,

Look for an announcement soon mapping our plans for a World Series Trophy Tour for the next three months.



Wow, the tickets for the On-Deck Series before the season may have some added value now. Pat at CBP in a Rays uni? Strange.
Too bad about JC. It almost sounds like they are making an example of him and punishing him retroactively. I guess that’s what happens when you walk the tightrope of the drug policies. Better to stay away from supplements altogether, although I think I give a fail to the Phillies training staff, MLB and the MLBPA in this case also. They failed the player and, in turn, the fans. Too bad they weren’t this diligent when superstars were sticking needles in their butts.

On my way home from the Phillies cruise…I think this whole Romero situation is total BS and MLB really handled it badly. That, I think, is an understatment. JC and Erin were great all week on the cruise – wonderful people. I spoke to Erin at length about this and it is just sad what they did to him. Anyway, I wish them all the best :O) Hopefully, we can get this overturned…here is the web link to sign the petition for anyone reading:


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