Good for Charlie

He wasn’t the fans’ choice but now he is.  And fresh from a contract extension, Charlie will be around for a while.

When we hired Charlie as our 51st manager (11/4/04), media and fans scratched their respective heads (even those who were bald).  Jim Leyland was the popular choice.

History shows Charlie was the right choice. 

Now, he stands next to Dallas Green as the two men who have produced a World Championship team in Philadelphia. The styles of Dallas and Charlie are different. The end result is the same.

2008 was a typical marathon.  Managing 25 personalities isn’t easy.  Dealing with the friendly media daily isn’t easy.  On top of that, consider what Charlie went through with his coaching staff.  Davey Lopes, Jimy Williams and Ramon Henderson all missed time for various reasons.  He had three “pinch hitters” in Jerry Martin, Roly de Armas and Doug Mansolino.  Charlie’s stability kept the ship on course.

“Charlie, Charlie, Charlie”….chanted the fans after we won the division title and after we won the World Series.  We also heard that throughout the parade seen by millions.

Charlie is a champion, very deserving.


**6-Pack ticket plans brought a flock of fans to Citizens Bank Park this morning, the first day they went on public sale. 

**Rumor has it that we’ll play Team USA and Canada’s team (World Baseball Classic) in spring training games at Bright House Field.

**Rule 5 draft takes place tomorrow morning on the final day of the winter meetings.  With the 26th potential pick (depending upon how many teams are at the 40-man limit), the pickings may be pretty slim for us.  Over the past two decades, Dave Hollins (1990) and Shane Victorino (2004) were Rule 5 drafts for us.  Last two years, C Ryan Budde, RHPJim Ed Warden, LHP Travis Blackley and RHP Lincoln Holdzkom.

**Once the draft is over, look for some minor league free agent signings for us and other clubs.

**Midnight Friday is the deadline for tendering contracts for major league clubs.  We’ve picked up Jayson Werth and Chad Durbin this way.  Only question–why is the deadline at midnight?  



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