Charlie Manuel Day

Charlie Manuel is getting a chance to relax a bit in his Florida home but his schedule will pick up this weekend.

He’s part of a large Phillies entourage in Vegas for the winter meetings that start on Monday.  His route from Florida to Vegas is taking him through Buena Vista, VA, his hometown on Saturday. 

Mayor J. Mikel Clements has proclaimed Saturday to be “Charlie Manuel Day.”  Part of the day includes the unveiling a new sign as you enter the tiny Virginia town:” Buena Vista’s Charlie Manuel, Manager of the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.”  The town is proud of him and justifiably so.

Major League Baseball revealed the World Series shares for the champions today.  45 full shares will receive over $351,000.  There were also some partial shares and some cash awards to others in the organization.

Before all of this, the players took a collection after Charlie’s mother, June, passed away during the League Championship Series.  The players sent a check for $20,600 to his mom’s church, the Buena Vista First Pentecostal Holiness Church.  The amount was large enough to erase a debit the church had carried for long time.

It just goes to show the respect the players have for their manager.

Respect was also provided a couple of days ago by Tom Verducci, a Sports Illustrated baseball writer.  The Magazine annually announces a Sportsman of the Year Award at this time of the year.  No, Charlie wasn’t the winner.  But Tom wrote a glowing article about Charlie and said, “Manuel is my choice for Sportsman of the Year.  He is a proxy for all those baseball lifers who love what they do.  He also is proof that success does not require a good and honest man to change.”

Charlie Manuel has gone through a lot in his life, but he hasn’t changed.  As a manager, he has a lot of outstanding characteristics.  He’s the same every day, positive and upbeat.  Nothing changes.  That has helped carry his players through the rough ups and downs of the season, a season in which they ended as the king of the world. 


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