Midnight tonight is the deadline for offering arbitration to arbitration-eligible players, Jamie Moyer, Pat Burrell, Tom Gordon and Rudy Seanez in our case.

What are the logistics?

Is it a phone call, text message, e-mail, fax, carrier pigeon or pony express?

Over the course of time, perhaps all methods have been used.  Well, maybe not carrier pigeon or pony express.  Heck, arbitration didn’t exist in those days. 

The modern day method is e-mail.  Clubs have until 11:59 p.m. to e-mail the Labor Relations Department at Major League Baseball.  That department then notifies the Major League Baseball Players Association.


Please tell me they’ll offer to Pat. The “risk” of him accepting and returning at a raise from his ’08 deal of $14M is much less a problem than the reward of the 2 picks they’ll gain if he declines and goes elsewhere.

If they don’t offer, it’s a clear sign they never really wanted him back. With no clear LF replacement other than quotes mentioning Dobbs in a platoon with someone (Mayberry would seen the current in-house option), they might as well give Pat first dibs.

While fully understanding $15M +/- is probably considered too much for what Burrell brings, if the team wants a definite upgrade over a platoon of current candidates it’s going to have to spend anyway. They might as well take the relatively minor risk of spending that money on Burrell, with the hopes of getting picks for losing him, than to be too forthright in their desire to see him go.

Yikes. When posting about Burrell I made the faulty assumption offering to Moyer was a no-brainer. I can almost understand there weren’t a lot of positives to making the offer. No team was highly likely to sign Moyer to a guaranteed $8M while also needing to give up a 1st or 2nd round pick. So from the Philly (Amaro) standpoint, the pro of offering was limited to guaranteeing Moyer returned while the con of offering was that it would drive his guaranteed base up to $8M+. It seems to be taking the risk Moyer only wants to pitch in Philly and will accept a lower base with incentives, similar to his ’07 and ’08 deals.

I guess a potential positive from not offering Burrell is that his money is earmarked for another starter…but I still would have offered. Having him back at $15M+ may be an evil, but losing the potential of those 2 picks is a greater evil. Ruben, please do not make a pattern of undervaluing high draft picks. The ’08 rule 4 draft was a relative high point of recent Philly drafts, but I fear that momentum slipping with these two decisions.

The Phillies of Wade didn’t value the draft picks, so of course, we will return to those days and probably sign Juan Cruz and give up our first round pick. No need to offer to Burrell and Moyer. Who needs extra early draft picks?

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