Plenty to do

Ruben Amaro Jr. is settling in his new office, just down the hall from his old quarters.  Pat Gillick’s former office is Ruben’s new home, a larger, corner room on the Hall of Fame Club level.

This week is pretty full:  interview candidates for his assistant, round out the coaching staff, negotiations with Jamie and Eyre, continue talking with his staff about off-season needs and the Burrell situation.  Pat, too, is a free agent. 

Clubs can negotiate with their own free agents through Friday.  Then, hunting season officially begins.

Ruben is ambidextrous.  Good thing.  He has a lot to do and can use both hands.



Wow, no rest for the weary. Good to see Amaro Jr. is plugging away right after the World Championship. Happy to hear the coaching staff is mostly intact. They did a fanatistic job. Jimmy Williams will be missed. A bench coach is not a glorious position, but his contributions were apparent. He provided a high baseball IQ and helped Charlie learn how to manage in the National League.

I am really shocked about losing Jimy Williams; and right after Steve Smith is let go. Unless he is leaving to take on a manager’s job somewhere or going to retire, I really don’t understand the move. And where in the world did Ramon Henderson disappear to? I really liked this group, so I am very sad to see this. I took batting instruction from Mr. Williams at the BB101 event in May this year; he really knows his stuff. He will be sorely missed :O(


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