Perfect At Home

It was an historic World Series in that Game 5 was the first game ever suspended by weather.

It was even more historic, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.  The Phillies are the first team to go undefeated in seven postseason games at home.  Prior to this fall, the 1999 Yankees and 1987 Twins shared the record at 6-0. 

Passionate Phillies fans created electricity at Citizens Bank Park last month and the players rode the emotion unlike any other team in baseball history.

More Congrats
“I’m so happy for he Phillies “Family”, of course the players deserve and will get all the credit, but from my view starting with Bill Giles, David Montgomery, Pat Gillick and their supporting staffs, to Larry Shenk and all the front office, the grounds crew, stadium help, security, and so on, no group of people are more deserving of a Championship. They work tirelessly year round and its wonderful to see the smiles on all their faces,” Mike Schmidt.

“I congratulate the Philadelphia Phillies on winning the 2008 World Series. As a former player in the Phillies organization I could not be more proud than I am today. There are no fans in baseball more passionate about their team than the good folks of Philadelphia. It has been a long time coming, but thanks to the hard work of management and the players the fans can finally celebrate again,”
Jim Bunning, United States Senator.

TV Appearances
Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino will be on the Best Damn Sports show tonight.

Pat Gillick is being inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in Toronto tomorrow night . . . Jimmy Rollins is being inducted into the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame in Phoenix, AZ, also tomorrow evening.  Rollins, who played for the Maryvale Saguaros in 2000, is the first Phillies player in the AFL Hall.

Luncheon Menu
24 hours after he was named GM, our lunch room’s main entre today: Rubens.


I hope the lunch room still has peanut butter cup ice cream!🙂

Hello…I am wondering if you would be able to shed some light on the reasons why Steve Smith was released? I know he took a while last year to get into the swing of things, but I thought this year, he did a good job. I was sad to hear it.
Also, just wanted to send out congrats to Jimmy & Shane on their gold gloves! Both well deserved :O)


I don’t know what to do with my self that there is no more Phillies to watch! I still can’t believe this all happened! Congrats to everyone in the organization!! How does world series rings work? Do just the players get them or does all the workers from ball girls to field crew get them? I always wondered that. I think they all deserve them.

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