Ruben Takes Over

The business phase of the baseball calendar got started this morning when Ruben Amaro Jr. was named our new GM.

This is a great story as Ruben has Philadelphia written all over him.  He was born and raised here, played here and worked here as an assistant GM the last 10 years.  He knows and understands Philadelphia.

Continuity and stability are very important for a successful organization and he continues both.

Hard to believe I remember when he was born in 1965.  Hard to believe I’ve seen him grow up.  Hard to believe he was on the field when we won the World Championship in 1980 as a bat boy and last week he was on the field again during the World Series trophy presentation.

When he was a youngster, he was around the clubhouse.  Same as Robby Wine, later Ryan Luzinski, three Boones, Pete Rose Jr. and other sons of Phillies I’ve missed.

When asked when Ruben got his first baseball glove, his mother, Judy, who joined him for today’s announcement, responded:  “We got him a left-handed glove and a right-handed one because he was ambidextrous.  He was the only kid on the Pee Wee (7-8 year olds) team that could catch and throw both ways.” 

Once he took off the uniform and put on front office gear, he became a student to some great teachers, Ed Wade, Pat Gillick, Paul Owens, Dallas Green, John Vukovich and his dad, Ruben Sr. Dad is an excellent evaluator of talent and an excellent teacher.  During Ruben Jr.’s first spring training, Ed assigned certain major league clubs in Florida for him to scout.  Ed also assigned the Pope to mentor Ruben on the finer points of scouting.

In his first announcement, Ruben said Gillick will remain with the Phillies, serving in an advisory role going forward.  Pat helped teach Ruben and that teaching will continue. 

Ruben is a well-educated young man (BS degree from Stanford University in human biology) who speaks three languages, English, Spanish and French.  Wonder if he will increase the scouting staff to include France?

His late grandfather, Santos Amaro, was a star baseball player in Mexico who never got a chance to play major league baseball.  Somewhere, Santos is smiling because his grandson has a chance to run a major league baseball team. 

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I haven’t been around the block as many times as some Philadelphians, but I am old enough to remember Ruben as a player. I’m happy he gets to celebrate this championship with the who are not only his team but his family. He’s the perfect fit for Philadelphia and he’s exactly what we need to move forward and continue to win championships.

Congratulations Ruben, I know you’ll do us all proud!


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