Where Are We Going?

We’re ready to go and ready to play ball.

Only problem, we don’t know where we are going and who we will be playing.  That will be decided in the ALCS Game 7 tonight in Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

Phillies players have the day off today.  Tomorrow around noon, they will leave for Boston or St. Petersburg.

Packing? Baseball gear was packed after yesterday’s workout.  Personal stuff?  Two piles need to be prepared:

1. Golf shirts, shorts, bathing suite, sandals.
2. Long sleeve shirts, sweaters, chapstick, gloves (other than baseball).

Mid-week forecasts
**Boston, 58 Tuesday, followed by 50 on Wednesday and 49 on Thursday.
**St. Pete, 85, 83 and dropping way down to 81 on Thursday.

Dome vs. a baseball shrine. 

Rays play in Tropicana Field, a domed stadium in downtown St. Pete.  Sort of resembles a tilted cupcake.  Artificial playing surface, something the Phillies haven’t played on in quite a while.  First named Florida Suncoast Dome, then ThunderDome. Tropicana Dole Beverages bought the naming rights in 1996.

Fenway Park has been around for ages, I mean ages.  First game was played there in 1912.  Famed for the green monster wall in left field.  Good old Mother Nature grass and dirt field.  Dugout and clubhouse resemble thimbles. 

Charlie is hoping to put his troops through workouts on both Monday and Tuesday wherever we will be.

Phillies Record
We’re 2-4 at Tropicana Field; 6-11 at Fenway. 


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