Another afternoon workout at Citizens Bank Park.  Charlie Manuel has rejoined the team.  He’s giving everyone the day off tomorrow.  Monday, we head for enemy territory, either flying north (Boston) or south (Tampa Bay).

It doesn’t matter who we play. What matters is that we are in the World Series.  If you reach the WS, the worst thing that can happen is you lose.  Even then, you will be remembered.  Those that don’t reach the big dance, are forgotten.  We’ve been there.

It all boils down to a new best-of-seven season.

Cole Carlton
How’s that for a name?

Cole Hamels is 3-0 in the postseason this October.  Carlton is Steve Carlton, best known as Lefty.  Guess you knew that.

In 1980, Lefty was also 3-0 in the postseason, winning one game against Houston and two against Kansas City.

Cole has a chance to win more games in one Phillies postseason.  Of course, he has a slight advantage over Lefty
in that there are three series these days.

Overall, Lefty is 6-5 in his postseason career with the Phillies.

More History
First Phillies team to reach the World Series was the 1915 club.

We won the first game and then the Boston Red Sox took the next four games, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 5-4.  Woodrow Wilson became the first President to throw out the ceremonial first ball for Game 2 at Baker Bowl.

What do the 1915 and 2008 Phillies have in common?  Both led the league in home runs: 58 in 1915, 214 this year.

Trivia Answer
Which pitcher holds the Phillies record for most World Series appearances?

6 Larry Andersen (1983, 1993)
5 Ron Reed (1980, 1983)
4 Tug McGraw (1980)
4 Roger Mason (1993)

Jim was the first to post the correct answer.  Steve was second and questioned if he shouldn’t get credit for spelling LA’s name right.  Heck, there are times when LA can’t spell it right, so don’t feel bad Jim.  We’re in a festive mood these days.  So, let’s have TWO winners.  Just need Jim and Steve to contact me.

The Phillies will be able to use a designated hitter in World Series games played in American League cities.

Everyone loves to manage.  Here’s your chance.  Who should be the Phillies DH?



Matt Stairs

i love the phillies and i love your blog i read it all the time. I wanted to ask you a question and see if you could help me out. I am going to be a senior in college next year and wanted to know how i can go about getting an internship with the phillies. If you know how , please let me know.

Thank You!

My email didn’t send in the comment, it is

DH – Greg Dobbs. He is awesome in clutch situations and tends to make things happen. I like Matt Stairs in a pinch hit situation, but as a DH, you need a guy who can play small ball, as well as hit the homers. Stairs is a straight up, swing for the fences guy. So, Dobbs is your man :O)


been reading the news reports and listening to the philadelphia radio stations so it seems like uncle charlie has decided to keep the same roster as the NLDS and the NLCS. however a change might bring more out of the phils potent lineup. bag taguchi, bring up marson and DH chris “clutch” coste against lefty (kazmire). also allows uncle charlie a little more flexibility at the end of games being able to pinch hit costey and not leave the bench empty without a catcher. Dobbs has proven to be a very good bat off the bench and when he starts. could DH him against righties and when myers starts like normal. long shot i know, sure charlie has thought about and knowing his trend of trusting his players and giving them chances to prove their werth* he will remain with his roster of the NLDS and NLCS coming to my conclusion that he should DH Roy Hobbs (Dobbs).

Stairs to DH vs righties, or Howard to DH and Stairs at 1b if Matt is considered the better 1b.

Vs Kazmir in game 1, I’d like to see Coste as DH (with Marson added to the roster as an emergency C and taking the place of Taguchi). I realize that’s a pipe dream, so let’s go with Coste playing 1b and Howard as DH. That way, if Ruiz is injured, Coste can shift to C without sacrificing the DH spot.

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