Game 3

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss
Victorino, cf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Werth, rf
Feliz, 3b
Ruiz, c
Moyer, p

Kerfeld’s Korner
Charley Kerfeld, special assistant to the GM, offers his scouting report on Kuroda:
“Kuroda locates his fast ball well; he’s in the 89-94 range.  Fast ball can be a little straight.  He’ll throw his slider to both sides of the plate at 83-86.  His third pitch is a hard split, 87-88.  He isn’t as aggressive as the first two starters.”

When Kuroda was a free agent last winter, we were in the mix early.  But the Japanese right-hander preferred to remain on the west coast.  Hey, we are on the west coast of the Delaware River!

The right-hander has been tough on us this season, allowing 4 hits in 13 innings, a .095 average.

Jamie is facing the Dodgers for the first time this season.  Manny has been a lifetime thorn with 10 homers among 18 hits against Jamie.

Home Advantage
Dodgers and Phillies were both 48-33 in their home ballparks.  We had the best road record in the NL, 44-37, with 4 of those losses coming in Dodger Stadium in August.

44 members of the Philadelphia media corps are in LA for these games, six different newspapers, five TV stations and one radio station.

Facing Big Stars
A lot has been written and said about playing against Manny Ramirez.  John Roach, who writes a blog, provided an interesting story about other super stars we’ve faced in the postseason:


Manny Ramirez is not happy just to be in the playoffs, he seems edgy because of the two losses in Philadelphia. When he hit the home run off of Bret Meyers, he proved his worth with that hit and the subsequent RBI’s. But, evidently, that is not enough for Manny!

So many times in the playbacks of the second game, it was so clear to any Spanish-speaking fan that, in reading Manny’s lips, he was looking at Bret Meyers and said “F__ You” in Spanish.

If a fan in the stands curses, he/she is ejected from the game. If a player curses in English, the umpire will issue a warning and/or eject him from the game, too. Manny cursed in Spanish, so nothing happened; I can only assume the umpires did not hear or understand what he was saying. He must not be aware of the huge Latino following the Phillies have in Philadelphia. (After all, we have our very own Goya night every season!)

Manny spoke up about how the pitchers on his team need to retaliate on behalf of their hitters, including and especially himself. As we can see now in Game 3, the dugouts cleared out onto the field ready to support such an act for an intentional hit such as the one Victorino almost got.

Manny, just play the game … and grow up!

Great blogging as usual, Larry, and good to see you at NLCS Game 1. Heads-up to your readers that we posted pics of that display case at the Arcade/Hall of Fame club level on the community blog at

Good luck the rest of the series,


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