Getting Ready for Thursday

Phillies worked out for a couple of hours this afternoon and then headed home. 

Both teams will work out tomorrow afternoon and then the fun begins on Thursday night.

FOX is televising the NLCS and they will have a crew here tomorrow.  Taped interviews include J-Roll, Ryan, Shane, Cole and Brett.  J-Roll will wear a microphone on Thursday night.  Greg Casterioto and Kevin Gregg, the media relations dynamic duo, are the ones to handle the FOX requests.

The NLCS media mass is much larger than the Division Series.  For the NLCS, we are required to provide 450 seats and 60 still photographer locations.  The Main Press Box can seat 150 media members.  So, we need an auxiliary press box. 

We’re using Sections 237-236 and part of 235 in the Hall of Fame Club for the auxiliary press box.  Carpenters spent the day constructing tables in the seating areas of these sections.  Electricians are also providing electricity (guess you figured that out).  Wireless internet access already exists in this area. 

Having a newer ballpark, we have excellent facilities for other media needs: media work room (Press Dining Room converted), photographers work room and an interview room.  That room needs to accommodate 150 seats and numerous TV crews.

Leigh Tobin and Mary Ann Gettis are spending today and tonight assigning seats for media and locations for the photographers.

Broadcast booths are required for FOX, ESPN Radio (English and Spanish), XM satellite radio, Phillies radio (WPHT 1210 AM) and Phillies Spanish radio (WUBA AM 1480), Dodgers radio and Dodgers Spanish radio.

Tomorrow, Phillies vs. Dodgers information.



My name is Ariela Rose and I’m a journalism student at Temple University. My Audio/Visual group and I are doing a Philadelphia Story Audio project and have decided to cover the current Phillies team as they embark on the road to the World Series. As part of our project we have to interview an expert on the subject that we are covering. I came across your blog on the Phillies website and thought that you would be a great expert to get into contact with. Let me know if you would be available for a brief audio interview either this week or next. It would be greatly appreciated, but do not feel bad if your schedule is too busy!

My e-mail address is

Thank you,

Ariela Rose

Hi there! Will there be any pre-game festivities outside the ballpark before the games like there were for the NLDS series? I couldn’t find any info on the web site. Thanks :O)

And a fun note for anyone reading, have you seen the Chase Utley & Michael Strahan vaseline commercials? If not, check out my page…I posted some of the videos. They are too cute!


I don’t know where else to register my concern with the quality of balls and strikes umpiring .I am a Phillies fan and was just passing time watching game 3 of the ALCS in Boston, waiting for the Phillies game to start {game 4 with L.A.} I am legally blind in the right eye. I have macular degeneration in both eyes. I have to agree with Big Poppy, from what I see, one time the plate is 36 inches wide and the next it is 24 inches, with the ball in the same place, outside both times. I have no problem with seniority with umpires, but at least they should be able to see well. Ball players have to be good enough to stay in the majors or they get canned. I don’t think pitchers and batters should have to adjust to the umpire, he should be good enough to call a good game. Regular season is bad enough but in post season, there should be good umpires out there. Umpires should not controll the outcome of a game. They can be nice guys ,but that doesn’t mean they are good umpires.

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