Thunder in Miller Park

40,000 pair of Thunderstix were distributed to Brewers fans this afternoon but in the end, it was the Phillies thunder that made all the noise.  Wonder if Excedrin was the sponsor of the plastic white tubes that made a constant buzzing-type sound, except after the four homers.

J-Roll set the tone by leading off with a home run.  Later, Pat broke loose with a gigantic 3-run blast and Jason followed with a towering drive to centerfield.  Pat capped a 3-hit day with his second homer.

Meanwhile, Joe was spectacular, his best start since he came to us in the trade with Oakland.  Didn’t walk a batter and gave up one run.  Even though it wasn’t a save opportunity, Brad was on the mound for the ninth inning.

When J-Roll threw out Kendall to end the game, the Phillies celebrated on the field, not as big as one when they clinched the division.  There’s more work to be done.

The clubhouse was another jubilant champagne celebration, again a bit milder than eight days ago.  Hopefully, there are two more bubbly celebrations in the works this month.

The Miller Park clock showed 3:01 when the final out was made.  Just shy of three hours later, we took off from the Milwaukee airport, 183 passengers in a Delta 757 charter.  In addition to the normal traveling party, ownership and vice presidents were among the passenger list.  (Each person on the trip was permitted to take one adult guest with him or her). 

As players boarded the plane, cheers erupted from those already seated.  Charlie made his way through the entire plane, shaking hands with everyone.  There’s nothing like a plane ride after a win, especially such a big one.

Phillies fans awaited the team when they got to Citizens Bank Park.  Phillies passion is running at a fever pitch.

Now, everyone resurrect the chant, “Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA!”




I had happy butterflies in my tummy yesterday as I watched the team celebrate after the game :o) I am trying to find a ticket to Thursday’s NLCS opener so I can help cheer! I swear, I am going to be totally broke by the time this is over, but that’s ok :O) I can’t wait to see the Phillies wipe up on LA! (not Larry Anderson, of course…I like him! :O) Hee!) Go Phillies!



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