Tonight’s Game #3 Lineup
Rollins, ss
Werth, rf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Victorino, cf
Feliz, 3b
Ruiz, c
Moyer, p

**The Brewers were 49-32 at home, second in the NL to the Cubs (55-26), who are 0-2 at home against LA in the other NLDS.
**At 44-37, we had the best road record in the NL.
**Milwaukee was 0-2 in 1982 NLCS and came back to advance to the next round.

Kerfeld’s Korner
Scouting report from Charley Kerfeld, Special Assistant to the GM:
“Bush throws a sinking fast ball, 86-90, with arm-side life; a slow curve, 67-71; a slider he uses to both sides of the plate as his out pitch right now, and a change he turns over away from left-handed hitters.  Has been prone to the long ball.”

This morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
“Today, the Brewers must deal with Jamie Moyer who started his career during the Jurassic Period.  OK, we exaggerate, but he did sign his first pro contract 29 days after Prince Fielder was born,” Gary D’Amato.

“It’s about being like those people in Philly because, oh my, is that ever a great baseball town.  To have heard them Thursday night with each Brett Myers foul ball in the at-bat that eventually eroded CC Sabathia, was to experience what the playoffs should be like everywhere,”  Michael Hunt.

Home Field Advantage
The following was part of a post here after Wednesday’s win.  It came from Jenn:
“I have never seen such energy or excitement in all my years going to Phillies games as I did when Shane hit that Grand Slam! Beers went flying, strangers hugged each other and the noise was deafening.”

In reading several independent blogs yesterday, fanatical Phillies fans were a frequent topic.  The passion of Phillies fans can be unmatched.

The players feed off fan enthusiasm.  It has happened in the past and it is happening in the present.

Now, we’re in the Brewers’ home. The team, in the majors’ smallest market, drew over 3 million for the first time.  They have not won a postseason game since 1982.  The fans are hungry. The roof at Miller Park will be closed and the noise will be deafening. 

We need to get the big boppers in the middle of the lineup to do some damage.  Noise from our offense can be the mighty silencer. 

Stay tuned.

Don’t forget, Shane offers his own views:

And, the Phillies Ballgirls share their thoughts:

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