Brilliant pitching from Brett and Shane’s slam last night put us up 2-0 and on a Delta charter flight to Milwaukee.

The flight was quite different from a year ago when we went to Denver down 0-2.  No one was celebrating on the flight last night but the big win certainly made the flight seem shorter.  Yes, I know, Milwaukee is closer to Philly than Denver.  You know what I mean about being shorter.

We landed shortly after midnight Central time.  By the time the baggage was delivered to the room, lights out didn’t come until 1:30.

Back to the ballgame.  Brett pitched 2-hit ball for 7 innings, allowing 2 runs.  He had a big 9-pitch at-bat in the second inning that helped set up Shane’s slam.  Hitting coach Milt Thompson, “That might have been the best at-bat of the season.”

USA TODAY had two stories in the paper this morning.  For his brilliant pitching, there was only one quote from Brett in the paper, “Did I pitch tonight?”  Yet, there was an entire story on Sabathia.  Guess that’s being under the radar.

Shane’s slam was a historic one, as you probably all know by now….first ever for a Phillies player in the postseason.  After the massive post-game interviews and finally a shower, Shane turned on his cell phone: 56 text messages.  Cell phone was turned off for a few hours.

His reaction to his big blast is best described in his blog:

Robin’s Nest
Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts provides his views on Game 2:

“Both teams have scored in only two innings which is kind of strange. Another solid defensive effort. I’m sure that’s the first time a player born in Hawaii has hit a grand slam in the playoffs.  He put on quite a show.

“Brett was solid. If the Phillies are to advance in the playoffs they need that kind of performance from him.  CC has a solid delivery and that is why he can pitch on three days rest.  It was ironic that Brett’s first at-bat was a key to that big inning.  He really battled CC and got a walk.

“When a team is ahead by 2 games in a best-of-5 series, their confidence is high.  The Brewers think home field advantage may jump start their effort.  Jamie has won the games that have clinched the division titles the last two years.  He has a chance to move the Phillies to the next level.  Let’s take a day off and get ready for Saturday.”

Day off
Well, sort of.  Both teams worked out at Miller Park this afternoon, the Phillies at 1:30 and the Brewers two hours later.  After our workout, Charlie, Jamie and Geoff Jenkins appeared in the interview room.  Jenkins had played all his career with the Brewers prior to this season and going to the interview room made it more convenient for Geoff and the media.

Postseason History
Prior to Tuesday, the earliest Phillies postseason game in Phillies history came on this date.  A year ago, we lost to the Rockies at Citizens Bank Park.  That’s behind us.  Let’s look ahead to 6:30 tomorrow night.   Yes, Charlie, one game at a time.



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