Lineup Up In The Air

Today’s Lineup
As of 12 noon, Charlie isn’t certain.  As everyone knows Burrell felt discomfort in his back after his final swing yesterday afternoon.  Pat came in at 8 this morning for treatment with head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan.

Pat will take BP and then a decision will be made.  If he is unable to go, Stairs will be in right and Werth in left.

Stay tuned.

Kerfeld’s Corner
Charley Kerfeld has scouted the Brewers recently in his role as Special Assistant to the GM. His scouting report on Gallardo:

“Throws a high-riding fastball in the 90-95 range, a hard downer curve and a fading changeup.  He’s a very good competitor with very good stuff.  Has a chance to be a very good pitcher.”

Phillies vs. Brewers
For the season, we were 5-1 against the Brewers as the result of the 4-game sweep at Citizens Bank Park that began on September 11.  That sweep got us back in the race as we were 3.5 games behind the Mets in the East and 4 behind Milwaukee in the wildcard race after 9/10.

All-time, we have a 45-32 edge . . . At Citizens Bank Park, 15-5 . . . At Miller Park, 10-13.

Take all those numbers and toss them.  After 162 games, we are now in a 5-game season.

Lefty Relievers
When it is late in the game, one thing Chase and Ryan can count on….facing a left-handed reliever.

Milwaukee’s roster contains two, 39-yer-old Brian Shouse and 27-year-old Mitch Stetter.  Manny Parra was a starter during the regular season and he could be used in the pen during this series.

Ryan is 1-1 with 1 RBI career vs. Shouse (hasn’t faced him this year) and 0-1 with a strikeout against Stetter in ’08.  Chase, 1-4 lifetime against Shouse (0-0 in ’08) and 1-1 against Stetter this season.

Phillie Flavor
Three with the Brewers have worn a Phillies uniform during their career: manager Dale Sveum (1992), pitching coach Mike Maddux (1986-89) and Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Uecker (1966-67).

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