Perplexing Phillies.  Six runs, six hits in two innings, followed by no runs, one hit the rest of the way and a third straight loss at Dodger land. Goes back to what Charlie has been saying since he’s been here, “gotta add on (runs).” 

Once again the long ball produced the runs, all six.  Still struggling scoring runs without hitting the ball out of the yard.  

The bullpen, so reliable all season, couldn’t hold the lead.  That will happen.

Being tied for first isn’t all gloom and doom.  There are 42 games remaining.  Got to keep battling and stay with it….more of Charlie’s philosophy.

Beijing Update
Team USA rebounded yesterday to blank the Netherlands, 7-0, after dropping a last-inning game to Korea the day before.

Coach Roly de Armas reported catcher Lou Marson was a late-inning defensive replacement in the Korean game and shortstop Jason Donald didn’t get off the bench.

Both played the entire game against the Netherlands.  Marson had a single in three at-bats, plus a walk.  Donald had a great game, two singles, a double, four at-bats and an RBI.

Cuba is next on the schedule.

Alumni Insider
(Continuing with an inside peek at the Alumni festivities last weekend).
Memories.  It is amazing what former players can remember. They can sit around endlessly going over games, pitches, plays, bus rides…..whatever.

“You know, I couldn’t remember our anniversary or my kids’ birthdays, but I can tell you what kind of pitch I threw to Ralph Kiner in 1949,” laughed 81-year-old Robin Roberts, who has as amazing memory.

“I still can see the slider I threw to Willie (Stargell),” Bunning said, raising his eyebrows.  “It kept going and going and going.”  Stargell hit the longest home run off Bunning at Veterans Stadium in 1971, into the 600-level exit in right field. 

“When I was with the Orioles, I roomed with Jim Palmer, then a 19-year-old rookie,” scontinued Roberts.  “He kiddingly called me ‘old man’.  One night we were about to turn out the lights when he said, ‘Old man, talk to me about pitching.’  I said “Take the ball and throw it as hard as you can.  Now, go to bed, kid.”

“Pop one up, roll one over and then a strikeout,” laughed Mike Schmidt.  “I must have killed 65 rallies one year and still drove in over 90 runs with 30-some homers.”

Ever wonder what the manager and pitcher talk about when there is a conference on the mound? “I was pitching against the Dodgers one day.  They had runners on second and third with one out.  Roy Campanella and Gil Hodges were on deck.  Eddie (Sawyer) came to the mound and asked, ‘Which one do you want to pitch to?’  I said, ‘I don’t care.’  Eddie said, “I don’t either’ and walked away.”  More laughter.

There are some great photos on from last Friday and Saturday.  Just click on



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Thanks for the Olympic update. Donald seems to be high on the Phillies list since they didn’t trade him for a lefty. Spring training was a big lift for him. Speaking of prospects, Carrasco’s been spectacular w/ Lehigh Valley so far. ERA is 0.48 w/ a ton of strikeouts in 3 starts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes the roster next year.

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