Out West

3-3 homestand wasn’t the greatest, but winning the last 2 averted a real downer.

Tough trip in Southern California.  Seven night games in seven days with the first four starting tonight against Manny Ramirez in Dodger Stadium.  He’s certainly brought some offensive life to that lineup.  A downer that we have to face him eight times this month, but an upper that he isn’t with the Marlins as was rumored at one time.

For Phillies folks in the east, west coast games interrupt beauty sleep patterns.  Dozing off during the late night games is a regular routine (apologizes to the Phillies broadcasting six).  Eastern newspapers delivered to the driveway or front steps will be absent of game information and box scores. Thanks to phillies.com, easterners can get their Phillies fill.

We’re 32-27 at home and 32-26 on the road.  Eight NL teams have more home wins.  We, the Cardinals (32-27) and Brewers (32-28) have the most wins in enemy territory.

Dobbs on Top
Greg moved to the top with his pinch-double yesterday afternoon.  Phillies pinch-hit leaders for a season:
21 Greg Dobbs  2008
20 Doc Miller  1913
19 Greg Gross  1982
18 Rene Monteagudo 1945
       Dave Philley  1958
17 Tony Taylor  1974
16 Mike Rogodzinski 1973
 Ricky Jordan  1993
 Dave Dellucci  2006
Philley was a switch-hitter, Taylor and Jordan batted from the right side and the rest hit from the left side.

Alumni Insider
(Throughout this week, I’ll present an inside peek at the Alumni Weekend festivities).

Wearing a Phillies uniform creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. That is evident whenever Alumni get together such as this weekend. 
Juan Samuel got a little emotional during his Wall of Fame induction ceremonies on Friday night.  “I’m up here with Hall of Famers, teammates I played with and guys I watched on a black and white TV in the Dominican Republic.”
The fan reaction created goosebumps as he circled the field for what we traditionally call a victory lap.  It was like watching a love wave.  As he approached each section, that section would rise and applaud. 
Saturday night was a tribute to Robin Roberts and his 1950 Whiz Kids teammates, a National League championship club.  Over 40 Alumni, including seven graying Whiz Kids, were on hand.
We probably took the last Whiz Kids “team photo” during the ceremonies and then the seven were recipients of a victory lap, riding in Toyota convertibles.  You can’t believe how thrilled Stan Lopata, Curt Simmons, Maje McDonnell, Putsy Caballero, Bob Miller, Jack Mayo and Robbe were at the reception they received from the fans.
Robbie was very appreciative of being saluted but he wanted the focus to be on his teammates.  “We had a special bonding with that team.  It was a different era.  We were friends, had roommates, traveled by train and were close-knit, a real family feeling.”
In spring training of 1962, Phillies president Bob Carpenter met Robbie at a Tampa restaurant in spring training.  Robbie had been sold to the Yankees after the previous season.  Bob told Robbie no one would ever wear 36 again.
They didn’t have on-the-field ceremonies back then to we decided on Saturday to “officially” retire number 36, although no one had worn it for 37 seasons.  It was displayed as a retired number at Veterans Stadium and again at Citizens Bank Park.  “That was really special,” he beamed after current president David Montgomery presented him with a framed #36, 1950-style Phillies jersey.












Hi there! Any plans to reschedule the Alumni Batting Challege after the rain out yesterday? I know the guys had to be disappointed…I saw both Ricky’s, Tyler & Milt in the indoor cages before regular game time taking some swings. So it was sad that it rained…but nice that they still got the game in :o) I entertained people with my stuffed Smurf during the rain delay…I have seen so many rainy games this year, I think by the end of the year I am going to post a list of “Things to Do While Waiting Around During A Rain Delay.” My J-Roll Smurf will be on top of the list. He was a big hit :o) Well, good luck on the road!


Robin Roberts is such a treasure and it is always great to see him represent the “P”. He pitched long before I was born but I always enjoy watching highlight tapes of him.


Robin Roberts is such a treasure and it is always great to see him represent the “P”. He pitched long before I was born but I always enjoy watching highlight tapes of him.


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