Alumni Batting Challenge Tomorrow

Back for the second straight year at Citizens Bank Park, 12:30 p.m. tomorrow. 

Three, two-man teams will compete in the fun event, trying to pile up the most points.  Hitting one of the park is a crowd-pleaser but making contact is the real name of the challenge.  But, 10 home runs would produce a winner. 

The rules:
 Each batter gets one warm-up swing and then 15 swings.
       Foul balls count as a swing.
 Points are awarded for fair balls, 1-3-5-10 (10 being a home run).
 Individual totals are added to determine which team wins.

We’ve selected a pitcher and a hitter for each team: RHP Tyler Green and C Ozzie Virgil; LHP Mitch Williams and OF Milt Thompson; RHP Ricky Bottalico and RHP Ricky Jordan.

Don’t tell anyone but Williams and Thompson have been working out.

Ozzie vowed he was going deep.  Should be fun to watch.






Baron – I always enjoy reading your thoughts. I noticed Greg Legg has joined the team as a coach while Roly deArmas is in China. What number is Greg wearing?

Legg is wearing 53.

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