August 4

Nail-biter on national TV.


Great comeback win last night led by the offense with long-ball Shane coming through in the 4-run eighth.


Bullpen, so reliable all season long, was touched for single runs in the 8th and 9th but Madson and Lidge got the big outs in those innings and we escaped with another 1-run victory.  DP from Madson with the bases loaded in the 8th was our 100th this season.  Couldn’t have come at a better time.  Then, Lidge, with the bases loaded again, got a pair of rookies on strikeouts with his sharp slider.


Biggest pluses for the weekend had to be the pitching of Blanton and Myers.  Consistent starts from that pair will go a long way toward repeating.


Thanks to a 5-1 trip, we have the most road wins in the NL (32-26).  Home is 29-24 but of the last 19 games at Citizens Bank Park, we’ve lost 11.  Need to reverse that trend.


Minor League Notes


Flash Gordon was the loser in a 19-pitch rehab appearance for the Clearwater Threshers yesterday.  Gave up 2 runs in 0.2 innings, 1 walk, 1 strikeout.  That walk was to the first batter, who scored two outs later on a home run. 


Getting him healthy for the stretch run is huge.  He is a proven reliever who can pitch in pressure situations and adds depth to the pen.  He came back strong a year ago and was a big force in the final month.


Carlos Carrasco made his AAA debut last night in Allentown, no decision, 2 unearned runs in 6.2 innings. Pitching coach Rod Nichols: “Solid AAA debut.  Fast ball had easy life and seemed to have that little extra when he wanted.  Established his change early and often which showed downward action.”


Samuel Testimony


“Sammy was an exciting player to watch from our side. He came up as a 5-tool player, and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. He played extremely hard all the time — much like Utley plays now — and was fun to watch. Sammy always gave it everything he had, and from that standpoint, it made him an excellent teammate. In fact, he was my son’s favorite player when I was there,” Greg Gross.


Samuel will become the 30th member of the Phillies Wall of Fame on Friday night.  Ceremonies begin at 7 p.m. with the Pirates-Phillies game to follow.


Comment Corner


Jenn is back, wondering why there is no statue of Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning, when Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Robin Roberts and Richie Ashburn have statues at Citizens Bank Park.


We debated that topic when planning for the four statues.  The thinking was that the four chosen Hall of Famers made their marks with the Phillies, while Bunning had some great seasons in a Tigers uniform.


But, we retired his uniform number because he was a Hall of Famer.

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Is J.A Happ ever going to come into a game from the bullpen? If not, why keep him up with the Phillies when he could be getting innings in as a starter for the IronPigs.

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