Happy July 4

Tonight’s Lineup
Werth, rf; Utley, 2b; Rollins, ss; Howard, 1b; Burrell, lf; Feliz, 3b; Victorino, cf; Coste, c; Happ, p.

Happy Holiday everyone.  Hard to believe July 4 is here already.  As one frog said to another, “Time’s fun when you are having flies.”

Time flies and now it is back home following a positive-ending road trip that had a rough beginning. 

Cole Hamels was dominant again last night and the long ball came into play once again.  Ryan Howard is putting up some amazing power and RBI numbers considering his batting average.  Going into this season, he had a .291 lifetime average in the big show.  He’s at .219 now.  It is scary to think what his numbers would be if he was near his career mark.  One thing about him, he keeps grinding.

The Mets had a big offensive series in splitting four games in St. Louis, setting the stage for a huge four-day, weekend series.  LHP J. A. Happ, fresh from being the Phillies minor league pitcher of last week and minor league pitcher of last month, gets his second major league start tonight.  His other was against the same team June 30, 2007, and he didn’t fare that well.

Shuffle Sheriff
Steve Noworyta is the Director of the Minor Leagues for the Phillies.  He oversees the development phase under Mike Arbuckle.  The Phils have six minor league clubs in action right now. 

Hardly a day goes by without a voice mail message from Steve on roster moves in the minors, shuffling players from one club to another. That is followed by an e-mail of the new rosters.

He had a dandy message yesterday:
“The following roster moves are taking place today, July 3….pitcher Kip Bouknight is being released at Reading.  Moving from Clearwater to Reading is pitcher Edgar Garcia.  Moving from Lakewood to Clearwater is pitcher Darren Byrd.  Moving from Williamsport to Lakewood is pitcher Vance Worley.  Moving from the Gulf Coast League to Williamsport is pitcher Tyler Cloyd.”  Roster #36 followed.

Major league roster moves come via voice mail messages from Ruben Amaro Jr. After last night’s game: “We have optioned R. J. Swindle back to Lehigh Valley and are recalling J. A. Happ who will pitch against the Mets on Friday night.” His move was a simple one, R. J. for J. A.

This Date
In Phillies history…….
1908 New York Giants RHP Hooks Wiltse pitches 1-0, 10-inning no-hitter against the Phillies at New York.  RHP George McQuillan, who lost the game on an error in the 10th, was hit by a pitch with two out in the ninth to spoil Wiltse’s bid for a perfect game.
1938 Phillies move permanently to Shibe Park and split a double-header with Boston, 10-5 loss and 10-2 win.
1979 LHP Steve Carlton’s second 1-hitter of season, 5th of career to tie modern NL record, 1-0, over Mets. Elliott Maddox’ oneout double in 7th is the lone hit.



1 Comment

Can I suggest that R.J. got Swindled?
Come on! You shouldn’t bring a kid up from the minors, who is on the cusp of making his major leagues debut, only to send him back down to the minors a few days later without getting him into a MLB game.
You Shouldn’t Do That but apparently the Phillies Did Just That!

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