On Sunday night, we were all giddy following a sweep of the Braves in Atlanta.  After last night, we are un-giddy, with apologies to my English professors.  If there isn’t such a word as un-giddy, you know the feelings I’m trying to describe.

In baseball, the world of passion can change quickly.  This time it was just two days. 

In baseball, you have to bounce back.  Instead of trying to win the series tonight, we’ve aiming to salvage one win.

Charlie Manuel’s V-8 Machine has appeared to be stuck in neutral.  That’s part of the game.  We hit some balls hard the last two night but they were outs. 

Granted two straight losses isn’t the end of the world….or season. 

Jamie Moyer is a perfect 8-0 against the Marlins going into the series finale tonight.  Let’s hope the law of averages is asleep.

On the other end, credit goes to the Marlins.  They can belt the ball and they’ve done that in the first two games.  All 11 runs have come via home runs.  One the other end, we have 11 total hits.

Leaving Miami tonight doesn’t make it any easier.  St. Louis is the next stop and then home to the Red Sox and Angels next week. The Cardinals have the second-best NL record; the Angels and Red Sox rank 1-2, respectively, as the best in the AL.

As Charlie once said, “If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.”

Thanks for the comments posted this week. 

Voting online is the quickest and easiest way to show support for Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley:

This Date
In Phillies history…….
1939 Grover Cleveland Alexander is inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
1954 Braves RHP Jim Wilson pitches 2-0, ho-hitter against the Phillies at County Stadium.
2005 Phillies defeat Brewers, 6-2, to conclude 12-1 homestand, best since 14-2 in 1955.




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