What's Next?

Great weekend in Georgia for Phillies fans. 

More of the same yesterday….good pitching and clutch hitting.  That’s a winning formula.  Seems as if every day a different bat is stepping up.  Ryan Howard led the damage with his 3 doubles and 4 RBI.  Get him really hot and look out.

Day off today in Miami and then three games with the second-place Marlins.  Then, a weekend in St. Louis and the middle of June is here already.

What’s Next
Last week’s draft is history and now scouts are turning their attention to getting the players under contract.  That process started as soon as the players were selected on Thursday and Friday.

Those that sign soon will report to Carpenter Field in Clearwater for a min-camp.  The new recruits will join the 50-some players who are part of extended spring training.

Daily workouts will take place with some players participating in games against the Tampa Bay Rays extended camp roster that are scheduled for today through Thursday afternoon.

The final workout is scheduled for Saturday.  At that time, the players will be assigned to one of two rosters, Williamsport Crosscutters (New York-Penn League) or the Gulf Coast League Phillies.
Generally, high school players wind up on the Gulf Coast League Phillies roster and college athletes will start their pro careers at Williamsport.

NY-Penn League
Schedule: 76 games starting June 17 and ending September 6.  Williamsport is in the Pinckney Division (one of three divisions).
Roster limit: 30 active players, but only 25 may be in uniform and eligible to play in any given game. 
Player eligibility rules: No more than four players 23 or older; no more three players on active list may have four or more years of prior service.
Home field: Bowman Field.

Gulf Coast League
Schedule: Teams in the Northern Division (which includes Phillies) play 60 games; East and South Divisions, 56 games.  Season runs June 19 to August 27.
Roster limit: 35 active, but only 30 eligible for each game.
Player eligibility rule: No age restriction limits.  No player who has two or more years of prior minor league and/or major league service time can participate.
Home field: Carpenter Field.

Anyone in pro baseball, gets to ride busses.  It all starts in these two leagues. 

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