Werth Returns

Jayson Werth (right oblique strain) has been reinstated from the disabled list and he is in the lineup (RF) tonight with a lefty going for the Braves.  Werth is hitting .309 against lefties this season. He played two games on rehab with the Clearwater Threshers on Thursday and Friday.

To make room for Werth, OF Chris Snelling was assigned outright to Lehigh Valley.  He has to clear waivers and can refuse the assignment.

Posting Lineups
Appreciate the comments about posting the lineup and the visiting team’s lineup.  To be honest, the idea of posting the lineup was something I pilfered from the Dodgers and White Sox blogs. 

Since I’m around for every home game it is easy to do.  Charlie Manuel usually has his lineup ready around 2:30 for a 7:05 night game.  I try to post it as early as possible.  This is the only place online that you can find the Phillies lineup. 

When the team is on the road, it is more difficult since I don’t travel.  Did try to have the traveling media relations rep get the lineup to me a year ago on one trip but it became awkward.  Many times, the MR rep has other pre-game duties that need more attention.  Plus, I’m not always around to post something before a road game.

Visiting team’s lineup? I could see fan interest when Ken Griffey Jr. was in town.  Other than that, I don’t see a need to post the enemy nine.  For home night games, the enemy nine isn’t available until around 4:30-5:30 and I think it is more important to have the Phillies lineup posted for you before that time. 

Keep posting your comments though.  They are always appreciated.  May not agree, but that is fine.

A Gift?
“The Force was with us” is the way Brad Lidge described last night’s unlikely win over the Braves.  An error on the potential last out of the game allowed the Phillies to tie the score in the ninth before a two-spot in the 10th put the Phils on top.

Then Shane Victorino, he of two triples, ended the game by gunning down the tying run in the bottom of the 10th on a very, very close play at home plate.  It was the second Brave to be nailed at home, three, if you count the botched a squeeze play.

Manuel’s V-8 Machine has been sputtering lately.  But, the pitching has been great and good pitching can lead to a lot of wins. 

And, sometimes you have to be lucky. 



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