Outside the room, there was a baseball game going on.  Inside the Draft Room, the focus was on the college and high school players available.

The one TV in the room was tuned in to ESPN2 to follow the draft.  A speaker phone in the middle of the large table blurred out the selections seconds before it was announced on TV.

Marti Wolever, Director of Scouting, was the man in charge.  Much of his morning was spent on the phone.  During the first round, he mainly stood and watched as names were removed from the boards.  Twice he left the room as his cell phone rang.

A little more than an hour into the draft, Billy Moore (Western Supervisor) changed his lap top to  “Final score, 5-0, Phillies,” Moore reported.  A cheer went up from the room.

Throughout the eight days of preparing for the draft and reviewing players over and over again, Marti and his crew speculated they would have a chance to get one of two high school players, Anthony Hewitt or Zach Collier. 

When it came to the 24th pick in the first round, Marti went for Hewitt.  Another cheer went up in the room.

The Phillies had the fourth selection in the compensation round that followed and Collier was still on the board. When the Twins, Diamondbacks and Mets made other choices, Marti raised both arms in the air and another cheer burst out.  Collier was a Phillie.

Following this pick, Wolever met with the media in the Press Dining Room.  After that, the media got to speak with Hewitt via telephone in the Media Relations Workroom.

Seven different Phillies scouts saw Hewitt over the course of this high school season and last summer.  In addition, they had a private workout at his school in the spring and then invited him to Citizens Bank Park this past Monday.  Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro also got to see him in a work out, which included several shots into the seats.  One was a drive deep to right-center.  Milt Thompson then took Hewitt into the batting cages and worked with him on a couple of minor things.

Counting Gillick and Amaro, 10 different Phillies scouts turned in reports on Collier, who will turn 18 in September. 

At the end of the first round, 12 of the 15 top college position players on the Phillies board were gone and eight of the first 10 college pitchers as many teams went for more experienced players.  The Phillies chose a pair of high school players with high ceilings.  It may take a while for them to reach Citizens Bank Park but both have the potential to be offensive machines.  Athletic players with tools was the goal.



how come you never post both sides? Isnt the Reds line up somehwere?

Hey Larry,

Just wanted to say THANKS for posting the line-up everyday!!! I very much appreciate you taking the time to do so…I look forward to it every day :o) As for the previous comment, I think the oppositions line-up is unnessecary…you work hard enough! Thanks for all you do & as always, your blog is the best! I have a link to it on my blog :O) Best of luck with the draft!


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