Burrell and Bullpen

B and B came through last night.

Pat Burrell came off the bench with his second career pinch-hit home run to give us the lead. 

But, the win really goes to the bullpen of Ryan Madson, J. C. Romero, Chad Durbin, Tom Gordon and Brad Lidge.  Combined they pitched scoreless baseball for four innings, allowing just three hits. 

Not to be overlooked were the three hits by Ryan Howard, who is getting in a groove.  The big guy can carry this team on his shoulders when he gets hot.

Answering a comment
“No lineups?” was a comment posted yesterday.  Since I don’t travel with the team, it is more cumbersome to post the starting lineups on the road. 

We did try on one trip last year but, for a variety of reasons, it really didn’t work out too well. 

Glad to know the lineups are meaningful to you. Wish there were a simple solution.


This Date
In Phillies history…..

Golly, how time flies.  In 1991, Tommy Greene pitched a 20 nohitter at Montreal, walking 7 and striking out 10, before 8,833.  It just seems as if it was yesterday.

Greene, now 41 and a resident of Glen Allen, VA, has never forgotten the ninth inning.  “I backed off the mound before the last pitch [to Tim Wallach] and thought about Leo [Mazzone].  He was my pitching coach in the minors with the Braves.  Three times under him, I lost a no-hitter with two out in the ninth.  I remembered him saying, ‘When are you going to finish off one?'”

Montreal third baseman Tim Wallach grounded back to Greene, who raised both arms in the air, trotted toward first and flipped the ball to Jordan for the final out.  Before he knew it, Greene was surrounded by his jubilant teammates.

Tommy, a very talkative chap, still dabbles in the game because his son, Seth, is a junior in high school.  But away from baseball, he and a buddy are involved in rehabbing homes.  Tommy’s also close to getting his real estate license.  Once that has been accomplished, he will team with his wife, Lori, who has been a realtor for a number of years. 



1 Comment

You forgot one thing… Tommy Greene wasn’t a starter, he was after that game. He was pressed into service as a last minute replacement. Anyone remember who was the scheduled starter ,and what was the reason for the late scratch? I don’t want to steal all the thunder.

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