Tonight’s lineup
Chris Coste’s 4-hit game last night has earned him a return to the starting lineup:

Rollins, ss
Victorino, rf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Werth, cf
Feliz, 3b
Coste, c
Hamels, p

For a moment it looked as if Shane Victorino’s fly ball was going to reach the right-center field gap and tie the game but Jeff Francoeur tracked it down and a comeback victory fell two runs short last night.

Atlanta jumped all over Brett Myers for eight runs in five innings.  Myers struggles as a starter continues.  He’s as puzzled about it as anyone and is determined to iron things out.  One thing about Brett, he’s a stand-up guy after games.  Win or lose, he faces the media music. 

Pitching coach Rich Dubee spent time in the video room this morning going over the last night’s tape.  Myers will do likewise.  Searching and searching for a solution.

Hitters have slumps as so do pitchers.  Just check out Justin Verlander in Detroit.  He dropped to 1-7 with a 6.05 ERA after last night’s loss. In the previous two seasons, he was 35-15.

Offense has shown some consistency lately.  Ryan Howard has hit in six in a row, not major but a step in the right direction.  So was his opposite field home run.  When he is driving the ball to left field, that is a good sign.

It is no secret the Phillies and most other clubs are constantly searching for pitching.  Ruben Amaro and Dallas Green spent last night in Allentown checking out the IronPigs. 

’93 Reunion
Jim Fregosi (Braves scout), John Kruk (ESPN TV), Mitch Williams (WPHT pre-game talk show), Milt Thompson (Phillies coach) and Larry Andersen (Phillies broadcaster) were in the park last night, sort of a mini-1993 reunion. 

This Date
On this date in Phillies history:
1984 Mike Schmidt homers to right field in 5th off Bob Welch in Los Angeles for his 400th homer.


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