Diet of Lefties


As players walk into the clubhouse, there’s an eraser board mounted on the left wall.  Once Jimy Williams gets the lineup from Charlie Manuel, the batting order is printed in blue on this board. Tonight’s lineup:

Rollins, ss
Victorino, rf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Werth, cf
Feliz, 3b
Ruiz, c
Kendrick, p

With the Phillies getting a diet of lefty starters the next three nights, this is the lineup that will be posted daily.  Chris Coste will catch one of these games, which will probably be the lone change. 

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, what is going on in the clubhouse?

Clay Condrey, So Taguchi and Eric Bruntlett are getting dressed in their uniforms.  Shane Victorino is in the whirlpool.  Geoff Jenkins and Chase Utley are getting a bite to eat.  More players will be filing through the clubhouse door minute-by-minute.

Out on the field, the ground crew is prepping everything for batting practice.  Sometimes there is extra hitting at this time of the day, many times the visiting team.  But, the Braves played two in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Out in the bullpen area, Tina Urban, Director, Creative Services, and Miles Kennedy, Phillies photographer, are getting set for a photo shoot with Brad Lidge for the next edition of Phillies Magazine.

Someone where, thousands of hot dogs are awaiting to be cooked as it is Dollar Dog Night.

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I am predicting two out of three right now. Ryan Howard is going to break loose against these lefty’s and hit the Braves like he always does. Maybe he can get to 20 career homeruns against them before the series ends. It’s only one a night!

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