Four in Phoenix


The best of the east meets the best of the west in a four-game series starting tonight in Phoenix’s Chase Field, once known as Bank One Ballpark.

The Diamondbacks have the best record in the majors.  They are coming off a weekend in which they dropped two of three to the Mets.

The Phillies are 14-20 in Phoenix.  A year ago, they dropped two of three there and lost the season series, 5-1, which means the Diamondbacks swept a three-game set at Citizens Bank Park.

Their lone visit to Philly is a July weekend, 11-12-13.  The Saturday game (12th) has been moved from 7:05 p.m. to 3:55 p.m. for a FOX game of the week telecast.

All-Star Voting
Balloting is underway online at and home games at Citizens Bank Park.

Over the last 10 seasons, the Phillies have had just two outfielders on the NL All-Star squad,  Bobby Abreu (2004-05) and Aaron Rowand (2007). 

No doubt Chase Utley is going to be an All-Star again (he may wind up with the most votes) but another Phillies bat that is deserving is Pat Burrell. 

He’s been consistent since day one of this season and led the NL in RBI for many days until yesterday. 

Pat’s reached base safely in 30 straight games and 31 of his 32 games this season.  His longest streak of getting on base is 34 games in 2002. 

So, vote.



Could not agree more…Pat is WELL deserving! I personally handed in a HUGE stack of ballots with his name (and Chase’s, and all the other Phillies!) over the weekend at the ballpark. My seat looked like a snow capped mountain by late Sunday afternoon… Hey, did you notice they changed the on-line voting? You used to be able to vote 25 times a day. Now, it is just 25 time total. Or, was that every day thing just an “oops” before? Yeah so, I was bummed about that. So now I am harassing everyone I know with an e-mail address to vote for the Phillies! Well, have a good one!


Pat is awesome so far and absolutely should make the team. I really hope the Phillies resign him but only time will tell. Up or down he plays the game hard and puts 100% into it. You have to love that!

Regarding the All Star Balloting at CBP – I sit in section 133 on Sundays and did not get any ballots yesterday (May 4) and don’t recall getting any last year either…

I voted 25 times online and then at Sundays game i got 8 ballots. I voted for Pat (and Chase) on every single one. I also have a lot of email adressses so hopefully my 25 time voting for Pat Burrell on each one will pay off! He deserves it sooooooo much!! He’s been playing so well! I hope the Phils choose to keep him still have the 2008 season! I can’t lose him too! I already lost Aaron Rowand! lol

I am a partial season ticket holder and have not received ballots yet either. I voted online but want to make sure I get every chance to send these guys.

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