Heading West


Another road trip following this afternoon’s game against the Giants.  Last trip was seven games in three cities in three different time zones and the Phillies went 5-2.

This time: seven games in two cities in one time zone (Pacific).  Starts tomorrow night in Phoenix, the first of four games against the Diamondbacks who have the best record in baseball. Then, three games in San Francisco next weekend.

How Many?
Ever wonder how many bats, balls, caps and uniforms are taken on a road trip?  Glad you asked

Frank Coppenbarger, the veteran Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Services, answered that question with a friendly e-mail:

“Each position player takes his own personal bag with 8-10 bats in it.  Additionally we take 1 or 2 extra bags with pitchers and other miscellaneous bats.

“We receive 6 dozen new baseballs from the home club for batting practice for each game played on the road.  This is a reciprocal agreement with all the clubs and helps in not having to carry so many more ball bags on the trip.  We do however carry about 60 dozen additional balls for early hitting and bullpen use.

“We generally carry about 50-60 (usually 6 of each size) extra caps in case a player needs a new one, roster changes, gifts, etc.

“Each player has 2 sets of jerseys (starting pitchers & catchers in some cases may have 3).  We also carry extra blank jerseys and BP tops (2 per size) in case we get a new player.  We also have a complete kit of lettering and numbers to make jerseys in case we get a new player.  Each Visiting Clubhouse Manager will handle getting it sewn.

“Additionally, we have a bags full (25 pair or so) of custom made pants for each active position player in case of rips, tears etc.  We also carry a similar bag of misc. sized extra pants for any new player that we might acquire.  This will get him in uniform until his custom made stuff arrives.”

There you have it, another Baseball 101 lesson.

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