Back in Business


Back from Clearwater and back in business.  Thanks for your patience while this space went empty.

Third Win
Riding the long ball, Cole Hamels’ pitching and the first save for Brad Lidge, the Phillies gained a split in the four-game series in Cincinnati with a narrow win this afternoon.

At 3-4, the record isn’t great.  But, it beats a year ago when it took the Phillies 11 games to get three wins.

Historic Opener
The Phillies flew to New York after the game for the Mets home opener tomorrow afternoon.  It is the last opener in Shea Stadium history as the Mets move into their new ballpark a year from now.

The rivalry between the Phillies and Mets has been heightened by what happened a year ago.  Media will be huge tomorrow.  There will be plenty of booing from NY fans during the Phillies pre-game intros, the loudest for Jimmy Rollins.  J-Roll can handle it.

The Phillies have won eight straight against the Mets, including seven in a row during the final five weeks of last season.  The last time the Mets beat the Phillies was June 30, a game in which lefty J. A. Happ started for the Phillies. 

Century Mark
Chase Utley’s two homers on Friday night gave him 100 for his short career. 

Curiosity set in.  Where do 100 homers rank in Phillies history?  Well, Chase is tied for 22nd with old friend Juan Samuel.  Another infielder, Granny Hamner, is in 21st place with 103.

On a higher level, Pat Burrell is climbing the Phillies home-run ladder.  His two today give him 221, two behind Greg Luzinski who is fourth place. If Burrell passes Luzinski, will Bull’s BBQ become Burrell’s BBQ?

Stay in the Box
Another old friend, Larry Bowa, was suspended for three games after being ejected for not staying in the third base coach’s box.  MLB decided to enforce the rule, which I’ve never seen. 

But, this weekend in Cincinnati, Billy Hatcher, the Reds’ first base coach was halfway to Kentucky when Ken Griffey Jr. came to bat.  Where’s the consistency?

Survey Says
Favorite athlete to watch?  

Brad Lidge says John Elway.



It’s great to have you back! From what I’ve read, your semi-retirement ceremony was a sight to see, congratulations. Now that you and Lidge are back (both of you being of equal importance) hopefully the team can get above that pesky .500 mark and stay there until October. Also, do me a favor and give Shane and Bret a kick in the pants the next time you see them. Thanks!!!

Welcome back. 🙂

Hey Philly fans…the Turnpike series resumes tomorrow. Hopefully for me the Mets will begin to make up for the hell they put me through last season…the only consolation was you guys didn’t win any more playoff games then we did….all in good fun.

Hey Larry…welcome back! Nice seeing you in Clearwater last month. Enjoy your semi-retirement :o)


Glad your back! I am happy for your retirement but sad to not see as much of you. Looking forward to more great posts!


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