March 2008

Clearwater Calm

Another road game and being a Sunday, Bright House Field is extremely calm and quiet this afternoon.  Took advantage of the peace to write a couple of Yearbook stories on Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts.  Their debuts with the Phillies came 60 years ago.  Yes, 60.

Two buses taking the players to Tampa left at 9:45 this morning.  Those not on the trip, worked out and had some rare time off this afternoon.

What does a player do when there is down time?  Greg Dobbs: “Grab a bite to eat with a couple of the guys, catch an afternoon movie and then the best part of the day, go to the airport to pick up my wife and daughter.  They are flying in from California this evening.   Can’t wait to hug my girls.”

Tomorrow, a 9:30 a.m. “B” game with the Pirates and a 1:05 afternoon game with them.  Those in the morning game need to be dressed by 8:30.  Bright House Field gates will open at 9:30 so there’s a chance to see two games tomorrow for the price of one, well, sort of two games.

Afternoon game will be broadcast on this website.

Survey Says
Favorite TV Show Growing UP?….. “GI Joe”, reports Jayson Werth.

More visits by Philly TV stations for three days starting tomorrow: Vinny the Crumb will report on WYSP FM between 5:30 and 10 a.m.  Interviews at 5:30 will have to be with seagulls . . . Also, Harry and Jamie of WPEN for their 12 noon to 3 p.m. show.

Just a Spring Game

Beautiful day.  Warm, partly cloudy.  Yankees and Phillies.  Full house at Bright House Field (9,103).  Only problem, the outcome of the game wasn’t so nice. 

Four homers propelled the Yankees to an easy win.  Naturally, it was a TV game back to Philly Land.  But, it was just a spring training game.

The game had been sold out for a while but 500 tickets for the outfield berm went on sale at 9 this morning.  A couple camped out at 6:30 a.m. to make sure they got tickets.  The berm is a great place to watch a game.  Just bring a blanket so you won’t get green grass stains on your white shorts.

Tomorrow, the two teams meet again at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.  Atmosphere at that ballpark just can’t match Bright House Field, where every game is a happening.

Team Photo
No, not the players, but our broadcasting crew.  We took it this morning.  Photo will be used in our publications, mainly the Yearbook and Phillies Magazine. 

We needed an updated photo for the publications we’re working on right now, Yearbook and Phillies Magazine.

Phone Call
Frank Coppenbarger, our Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Services for 20 years, has built up friendships with everyone who has worn a Phillies uniform.  He got a strange call on his cell around 2 this afternoon. 

It was from Red Sox manager Terry Francona.  Terry was calling from the dugout of his game with the Minnesota Twins in Ft. Myers.  What was the theme of the call? “He was just calling to see how I’m doing,” beamed Frank.

The success Terry has had is really neat because he is one of the all-time quality human beings in the game.  I hope the Red Sox do well until we meet them in the World Series.

Sign of the Day
A Pennsylvania license plate on the way to the park early this morning: “Me Grumpy”.  Must have been a Mets fan.