What's Happening?

Well, life is normal as in normal during the season since we are playing night games tonight and tomorrow.  The lifestyle of a player is geared to night games during the regular season.  The pattern is late to bed and late to rise.  The day games come quickly, especially after night games. 

Clearwater Threshers, champions of the Florida State League last summer, will receive their rings in a pre-game ceremony tonight . . . From here on out, every game is on radio (phillies.com) except March 27 . . . Cole Hamels was scheduled to pitch in a minor league game this afternoon at Carpenter Field but he was ill and unable to make it . . . MSNBC’s Keith Olberman is here tonight and Friday.  He’s a big baseball fan and a big fan of Bright House Field . . . Phillies media guide is hot off the presses, thanks to publications manager Christine Negley and creative services director Tina Urban . . . Phillies Magazine, April edition, and the Yearbook are next on the publications calendar.  Yearbook will be ready April 18 for the big Mets weekend . . . Phillies will wear great jerseys and hats on St. Patrick’s Day on Monday . . . While the Phillies are on the road tomorrow night, there are two minor league games at Carpenter Field at 1 in the afternoon . . . Offense is struggling but take into account the big boys in the every day lineup are not getting their at-bats.  As we head down the home stretch, they will get more playing time.  So relax.

Survey Says
Favorite TV Show growing up?   “Three’s Company”…Chase Utley.


The Phils got a good lineup and are going to be just fine! Go Phils!

I agree to relax…it’s spring training. I learned that last year w/ Aaron Rowand. He looked terrible all spring and ended up having a career year. I liked your comments about So. During the Rays game last week, I noticed the contingent of 5 or 6 Japanese media trying to find him before the game. It was like Where’s So? instead of Where’s Waldo?

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