1 W, 1 L

Split squad day today.  We ended up with one win and one loss.

Back home tomorrow afternoon in Bright House Field with the Tampa Bay Rays.  Game will be broadcast on this website starting at 1:05 in the afternoon.

While practice generally begins around 10 a.m. for the full squad, every morning includes extra work for a small group of players.  Today, Joe Savery, Joshua Outman and Mike Zagurski threw off the mounds by the half-field with Rich Dubee and Rod Nichols looking on.  The time was 8:20.  Two days ago, Mick Billmeyer, catching instructor, was working with the young catchers at that hour.

Today was also the day for Pat Gillick’s weekly conference call, a one and a half-hour call that ended at 11:26 a.m.  Joining Pat in the third floor conference room were Ruben Amaro, Mike Arbuckle, Dallas Green, Charley Kerfeld, Chuck Lamar and Steve Noworyta.  Assistant Minor League Director, Mike Ondo, was back in the Philly office with one ear on his office phone and one ear on his cell.  Wife Colleen is about to deliver their first child.

On the phone were Marti Wolever (Director, Scouting) and eight pro scouts the Phillies have throughout spring training in Florida and Arizona. 

The Clearwater seven provided an update of how things are going in the Phillies camp and our shopping list.  Surprise, we are looking for more pitching.  Not much different for other clubs. 

The scouts, in turn, reported on their respective teams: injuries, impressive players, the needs of other clubs, which players may be available, etc.  If there is a particular player that interests Pat and his lieutenants, the scout covering that team then will make plans to follow that player.   Otherwise, scouts are watching and listening every day, picking up information for Pat.

Improving the ballclub is an ongoing effort by a lot of people.


Good to hear Zagurski is throwing. How far away is he from being abe to contribute?


First thing I read is Phillies Insider. Great job…great info. It’s just like being there. Thanks Baron…see you soon at our usual spot.

Looking for pitchers – Is it true that Travis Minix signed with the club (after he left last year)? I saw that kid pitch, in two games (MINOR PA) in 2006 and I looked up is minor stats – WOW! What is the club doing. That kid needs a shot at the big’s.

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