Packing Time

It’s that time of the year to pack for spring training in Clearwater, FL.  Personally, a couple of suite cases stuffed with golf shirts, Hawaiian shirts, dockers, shorts, underwear, 2 sweaters, 2 jackets, sneakers, sandals, 1 tie, 1 dress shirt, 1 sport coat, 4 baseball caps, suntan lotion and a large supply of geritol.

That’s easy compared to the clubhouse crew of Kevin Steinhour, Phil Sheridan and Dan O’Rourke.  They’ve been packing for the last week. 

A tractor trailer will depart Citizens Bank Park on Thursday, heading south to Bright House Networks Field where it will be unloaded this weekend.

Among the contents:
1 pitching machine
1 exercise bike
4 laundry carts
10 cases of gum
12 cases of sunflower seeds
15 gallons of pine tar remover
18 coolers
40 sets of golf clubs
40 cases of tape
60 rosin bags
100 green jerseys
180 belts
200 helmets
350 pair of shorts
350 blue and red uniform tops
450 pair of socks
475 athletic supporters
500 pair of pants
600 hats
800 towels
900 bats
2,000 t-shirts
7,500 12 oz cups
15,000 baseballs

Kind of hard to play baseball without baseballs. 


Larry – I thought last season was your last? Are you sticking around for another year? If so, that is great news!

Can you pack me in the truck! I wish I was going this year.


Any clue on when any philadelphia radio stations will be broadcasting from spring training? Thanks

Hey guys…can’t wait to follow the truck to Clearwater! Only I’ll be flying :o) Hey Chris, here’s a link for ya with broadcast info…

Anyone with tips for having a fun trip to Clearwater, feel free to let me know…it’s my first time going! Thanks!


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