Let's Go Phillies!

October 2, 2007

Hard to believe that after 44 years, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before this month…..write a blog. Last time we were in the postseason (1993) there was no such thing as a blog or e-mails.

My goal is to post every day before the games, providing the starting lineup and other inside goings on.

Today, both teams were scheduled for workouts, a requirement of Major League Baseball.  Workouts are to be held before the first and third games of every series.  Our workout was set for 1 and the Rockies at 4.  The Rockies didn’t land in Philly until 8 a.m. following their long game last night in Denver.  So, the Rockies were excused from working out.

A media interview room is also required on workout days and pre- and post-game.  We were on stage at 2:30.  Charlie Manual, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels answered questions for 30 minutes.  At 3, Clint Hurdle, Jeff Francis and GM Dan O’Dowd were available in the interview room. 

Clubhouses are closed pre-game to the media in the postseason, except for work out days. During the season, clubhouses are open to the media 3.5 hours prior to game time.

We opened at 12 noon.  Before we opened, Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro spent an hour talking to each individual player that wasn’t included on the Division Series roster.  One by one the players were called into Charlie’s office. The final roster for this series must be filed with MLB by 10 Wednesday morning. 

Ken Mandel has all the details about the roster situation on this site.

After Pat and Ruben were finished, I spoke to the team, filling them in on what to expect in the postseason with the media.  Some things are the same, some are different.  The media mass is bigger than the regular season and grows larger as the LCS and WS come into being.

Members of the media are offered pre-game dinner in the Press Dining Room for $10.00.  That’s the regular season.  For the postseason, we are required to provide complimentary box lunches.  Geez, we face 19 possible games of sandwiches!

Starting Times
We’re getting quite a few e-mails from fans complaining about the starting times of the games.  The 3 o’clock games have some issues with some fans as do the 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. games in Denver this weekend.

Game times are decided by Major League Baseball and the network carrying that particular series, TBS in our case.  By spreading out the starting times, it allows fans throughout the country to see every game.  Time zones also come into play and this year there are four teams in the Eastern zone out of eight postseason teams. 

We understand the fans’ concerns but let’s look at the bright side, we are playing baseball in October!

Wear Red
Mayor John Street has proclaimed tomorrow as Phillies day, urging fans to wear red.  I’m sure fans around the country will join the fad.

One of the unwritten rules in the Press Box is that there is no cheering.  Well, this isn’t the Press Box so, Let’s Go Phillies!

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