Fasten Your Seat Belts

September 20, 2007

Tough night.  Pitching was great last night in St. Louis but we just couldn’t get that big hit.  Then, out in San Diego, the Padres won another one on a dramatic walk-off homer.  A year ago, the Phillies went 7-4 over their last 11 games but couldn’t overtake the Padres (9-2) or Dodgers (9-2), who won their last seven.

Getting help from other clubs is nice but we’re at the point where we have to win.   We need to match the Padres and Dodgers from last season.

Speaking of winning, Tuesday’s gut-wrencher in St. Louis clinched the Phillies fifth consecutive winning season.  Only other longer streaks in team history: nine consecutive (1975-83) and six straight (1962-67).  All that being said, it is the goal of the organization to reach the postseason and we haven’t done that even though we’ve been in the hunt nearly every year this decade.

We need to get over the hump.

Even though last night’s game went extra innings, the team landed in Washington, DC, near the 3:30 a.m. scheduled arrival listed on the itinerary.  Of course, it took over an hour before the players could crawl in bed.

The Nationals are fresh from taking two of three from the Mets, which was welcomed in Philly.  For the season, the Phillies have a 7-4 edge over the Nationals.  Biggest margin of victory of any game is six runs, a 9-3 Phillies win a long time ago (April 25).  Since then, three runs is the biggest margin. 

Chances are this weekend’s four-game series will be hard on the nerves, tummy and heart.  Fasten your seatbelts.

Chart of the Day
Greg Dobbs had his 15th pinch hit last night.  Here are the Phillies single-season leaders in that category:

20 Doc Miller, 1913
19 Greg Gross, 1982
18 Rene Monteagudo, 1945
Dave Philley, 1958
17 Tony Taylor, 1974
16 Mike Rogodzinski, 1973
Ricky Jordan, 1993
David Dellucci, 2006
15 Harry McCurdy, 1923
Schoolboy Rowe, 1943
Dave Philley, 1959
Greg Gross, 1987
Kevin Jordan, 1998


It would be nice if the Pirates would show up for a game. 4 straight losses to the Pads !

I foresee the Pads overtaking the D-Backs and the Phillies will soon be battling them.

I agree with the comment about D-Backs eventually being the competition for WC as things are going. Here is an observation I have bit my tongue on long and hard before posting. And I’m tackling ToughMan stuff here.

Despite my admiration for Aaron Rowand, when can he produce a zip-line outfield throw to homeplate or a cut-off man to enhance chances for a strategic play at more than one base in a game-situation? These hand-grenade falling dead duck shots will soon make an impact in game critical scenario’s which means win-lose. That said and the replies I’ll get threatening me aside, I’m impressed with his hitting and fielding performance to the Nth degree and glad he is on our team and not the opposition right now.

Also, I noted the first strike swings of several Phillies a couple nights ago produced results. Complacency allows many opposing pitchers to put them right down the middle to get ahead, last night however both Burrell and Rowand let many plate-splitters on first pitch (granted new pitcher scenario on one) go by. I think Jimmy Rollins is a case in point in his leadoff homeruns and carpe diem style, go back and see how many first pitch homeruns have been hit by the Phillies this year (better than that…first pitch extra base hits)…..might be an interesting statistic compared to other teams…..maybe I’m just blowing wind here, but its just an observation.

Keep up the great blog, first time I”ve responded though I’ve read it a few times before. Southern Transplanted Phillies Fan (since the Tony Taylor era) pulling for running the table and the sweep and payback in DC!!!!!!!@@@@@@@

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