Resilient Phillies

September 14, 2007

They were out-scored, 20-2, over two straight losses to the Rockies at home.  Gloom seemed to be everywhere but the Phillies clubhouse.

Yesterday afternoon, the players were the same as other days, getting their uniforms on, kidding each other, doing interviews, nibbling on food.  No tension, no gloom. Then, they went out and did what they’ve done all year, bounced back.  This team certainly is resilient.

There was one one-on-one session going on during BP and again in the clubhouse by Jamie Moyer’s locker.  Jamie, pitcher, coach, father-figure and friend, was talking with Geoff Geary, who has struggled this year out of the pen.   Someone who spends time in the clubhouse, felt there was a different look in Geary’s eyes after that friendly exchange.

Geary went out, threw three scoreless innings as the Phillies overcame a 3-0 deficit before they came to bat.  With the Padres’ loss, the Phillies are 1 ½ games out of the wild card sprint.

Kevin Roberts wrote in the Camden Courier-Post today, “You can’t count them out.  They just won’t go away.”

In baseball, yesterday’s game is quickly replaced by another game.  Now, the Phillies are in New York for a weekend series with the first-place Mets, who are 9-2 this month.  Got to give them credit, they really bounced back from the Phillies’ four-game sweep the last week in August.

Shea Stadium will be a bee-hive as the Mets fans will be buzzing with revenge in mind.  Should be fun.

Manuel Milestone
Yesterday’s win was Charlie’s 250th with the Phillies, his 470th decision.  Only Pat Moran, 1915-18 (425th decision) and Bill Shettsline, 1900-02 (435th decision) got there faster.

Chart of the Day
Jimmy Rollins is leading the league in triples (17) and had one taken away last night by a bad call by the second base umpire.  Cory Sullivan’s dive for a sinking line drive was ruled a catch but TV replays showed the ball clearly rolled out of his glove on to the ground.  Charlie argued but to no avail.

Anyway, the Phillies all-time single-season triples list:
Sam Thompson  1894  27
Nap Lajoie  1897  25
Ed Delahanty  1892  21
Sam Thompson  1895  21
George Wood  1887  19
Juan Samuel  1984  19
Ed Delahanty  1893  18
Jim Fogarty  1889  17
Ed Delahanty  1896  17
Elmer Flick  1901  17
Sherry Magee  1905  17
Sherry Magee  1910  17
Jimmy Rollins  2007  17

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Has there been an announcement of the winners of the Paul Owens Phillies minor leagues Player and Pitcher awards for this season?

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