Hard to Believe

September 6, 2007

Hard to believe.  Yes, yesterday’s gut-wrenching loss was hard to believe.  A week ago today the Phillies had swept the Mets with an exciting come-from-behind win.  Hard to believe that six days after that high we would be so low.

A reader responded about another typical Phillies September swoon.  I understand and welcome opinions, but there are teams that aren’t in a position to swoon.  Their seasons ended long before the final month. 

The Phillies have played very few meaningless games in September over the last three-four years.  There are more meaningful games ahead, starting tomorrow night as the Marlins begin a seven-game homestand.  We need to reverse last weekend’s 1-2 record against Florida. 

Home Cooking
The Phillies have the best home record among NL East clubs, 39-29, including 4-2 vs. the Marlins.

Chasing a Batting Title
Chase Utley is in the running for the NL batting title.  Entering today’s brief NL schedule, Chase is hitting .341 with Atlanta’s Edgar Renteria (coming off the DL soon) second at .336.  Colorado’s Matt Holliday is third (.334).  Holliday and the Rockies have a four-game series at Citizens Bank Park starting on Monday.

Utley also leads all NL hitters in home batting average (.394).  Other Utley numbers: day games (.350), night games (.337), vs. RHP (.336), vs. LHP (.350).

Phillies Batting Champions
1891 Billy Hamilton  .338
1899 Ed Delahanty  .408
1910 Sherry Magee  .331
1929 Lefty O’Doul  .398
1933 Chuck Klein  .368
1947 Harry Walker  .363
1955 Richie Ashburn  .338
1958 Richie Ashburn  .350


Yesterday’s loss was painful, especially when I was watching it unfold right before my eyes.

Hopefully coming back home they can get their heads on straight and put together a winning streak.


I noticed that Myers did not pitch well when he relieved Gordon in the bottom of the eighth. He then pitched a very solid inning in the ninth until the single. He then pitched badly. Is it possible he has trouble pitching from the stretch? I’ve heard starting pitchers are apt to have trouble pitching from the stretch. Eva

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